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Product Features

The subject could accomplish the test independently

 Easy to operate

 Reports can be generated for printing

 Quick testing

 Automatically record the result


Product Specification

Digital Automatic Acuity Test is a based on the patented technology where the graphic   patterns with a preset spatial frequency randomly positioned are used for a subject to accomplish the test. It solves the problem that the low age children can not recognize the direction of  the abstractive symbols, and avoid long time testing, subjectivity, and mistakes in traditional vision test. It is not only useful in quick screening of vision problems such as amblyopia,hyperopia,myopia,etc for pre-school children, school age children and adults, it also helps to evaluate treatments of these vision problems.


 Product Application

Vision Screening Test among Young Children

Non-verbal Self Vision Tests

All Other Ophthalmological and Optometric Vision Tests

Product Description
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