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Product Features

The presetmultiple operation modes meet various needs for cardiac recording andmonitoring: fingertip/chest touch mode, electrode cable mode,monitor mode, and more.

The devicecan display the ECG waveforms clearly and completely right after recording.

ContinuousECG monitoring in the status from resting to strenuous exercise withaudio/visual alarms for detecting abnormal heart rhythms in real-time helpsavoid dangerous cardiac overload.

Product Specifications
Medical device standards: IEC60601-1:2000, IEC60601-1-2:2001, IEC60601-1-8:2006, IEC60601-2-27:2005, IEC60601-2-47:2001; EC13:2002, EC38:2007; YY0505:2005, GB9706.1:2007, YY1079:2008, YY0709:2009, JJG760:2003, JJG543:2008, JJG1042:2008.

ECG input mode: Finger (I, II) /chest (V1, V3, V5) touch, ECG skin electrodes (w/a pair of electrodes). User settable

Recording time:  12~56sec (immediate playback), 2~32h (storage). User settable

Operation mode: Limb-touch mode, chest-touch mode, chest electrode monitoring mode, ambulatory recording mode. User settable

ECG signal bandwidth:  0.05Hz~150Hz. User settable

High-pass filter:  0.05Hz~5.0Hz. User settable

Low-pass filter: 40Hz~150Hz. User settable

Sampling rate: 100/200/400sps. User settable

Input signal dynamic range: >100dB

CMRR: >100dB

Input impedance:>10MΩ

Internal noise : <10μV (RMS)

ECG display speed: 2.5~100mm/s. User settable

Product Applications

          Ø Capture ECG events without delay when not feeling well at home or at work to provide references for more effective clinical diagnosis.

          Ø Accumulate regularly the ECG database and track the ECG changes for better control over the cardiac process without hospitalization.

          Ø Monitore the heart functions anywhere, anytime and in any movements for early precaution to reduce the risk of cardiovascular accident.

          Ø Suitable for people with coronary heart diseases, hypertension, diabetes, pulmonary heart disease and many other diseases.

              Product Description
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