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    The Importance of using Body Language to Attract Women

    How to use your body language to attract woman?

    Three men enter a bar (no this is not the start of a bad joke) one will get a phone number and the others won’t. Want to know the difference between these men? Why one will experience success and the others failure? It all comes down to body language, and using your body language to attract women. Experts tell us that anywhere from 80% – 90% of all communication is nonverbal. So what does that mean? It means that women, who are especially good at reading body language, use your body language to judge you. So body language is extremely important. Probably more important than most of us realize.

    So let me tell you about these men Potato slicer. Man number one walks into the bar. Eyes turn, as they will and others notice him. Now he’s a shy, timid man and this shows. His head is down, his shoulders are slumped and pulled in. He enters, looks up quickly to find an empty table and then drops his head again. He walks, probably quickly to the table Kayak cart . If there are groups of people in his way he seems to almost slink and slide between them. In fact he seems to almost shrink to get past these people. In no way does he allow his space to invade someone else’s. Now he’s sitting at the table, he doesn’t make eye contact with the server, he barely looks up. Every person, but especially every woman in the bar has noticed this. What are they thinking? They are thinking he’s a capital ‘L’ loser. Sorry, guys but women do judge us and judge us harshly. She has completely dismissed him as a possible date or mate. Her attention is now elsewhere with only one other thought, “I really hope he doesn’t approach me.”

    Now lets say this guy sees a woman he’s attracted to. Let’s say he even gets up the courage to approach her. So he stands up and starts to walk towards this woman. Again, his head is down, he walks quickly and when he reaches her he glances up for just a moment and then mumbles some kind of greeting. Now most women will be gentle with this guy. But he will be rejected. Why? Because his body language said “I’m weak, I’m timid, I’m a pushover, I’m not mate material.”

    Now man number two. How’s he doing? Is he using his body language to attract women or repulse women? He enters, head held high, shoulders back and pauses to look around. He sees every woman as a possible conquest and if his eyes should meet a woman’s he doesn’t hold eye contact instead his eyes start to undress her. She feels this and looks away, uncomfortably. Other women are noticing this. He spots a table or in his case he’ll sit up at the bar. As he starts to walk or I should say strut he forces his space on others. If there are groups in his way, he pushes them aside. He’ll walk between two people talking and if it’s a man and a woman, he’ll likely try to brush his body against her’s as he struts past. His body language is telling women that he’s a bully. He’ll glare at men, challenge them to get in his way. He’ll undress women with his eyes. When he does approach a woman he dominates them. He’ll try to stand over them. He must keep women down. Women know this and just like the previous situation women want no part of this. In fact for a woman it is worse to be approached by this guy than the first. She’ll try every means possible to get away from this guy. But he’s already in her space. His hand is on her shoulder or back. She’s leaning away from him, she’s making excuses. This guys body language screams bully, it screams over compensating Kayak cart . Very quickly everyone woman in the place is telling other women to stay away. He’s trouble. Even the men are avoiding this guy, because they know he’s trouble. No, he is not using his body language to attract women.

    Now for Man number three. This is the true Alpha. He walks in and pauses. His gaze sweeps the room. He notices everything. Where groups of people are gathered and where a woman is sitting alone. His head is high, but his chin is not jutting out. His shoulders are back, but comfortably so. As his gaze sweeps the room his eyes may make contact with someone else’s, male or female it doesn’t matter he will smile and move his gaze on. He doesn’t let it linger. There is confidence without challenge. He does not need to challenge anyone. As he walks, he walks slowly. He may chose a table or the bar. Either one is fine with him. He’ll take his time, making eye contact, smiling and moving on. He takes up space, but does not have to force his space on others. Simply because he has been noticed in a positive way, people will move out of his way as he walks through the bar. Not out of fear, but out of respect. His body language has already earned him respect and attraction. Now the women are noticing him and their attention is staying focused on him. He is confident without being arrogant. Once he’s chosen a woman to approach he’ll let her know, through body language that he is going to approach her so it’s no surprise to her. He has noticed everything about her and comments on things like her eye color or her dress. He sits with her, he does not need to tower over her in order to be noticed. He puts himself on her level as an equal to her. Now she’s interested and once interested he can now start moving into her space.

    To use body language to attract a woman you must first be noticed in the right way. You start communicating with the woman the moment you enter the place. You do not dominate, but you are in control. You are confident. You’ve put yourself in a place of equal to her and now she is at ease with you. Now you can use your body language to turn the heat up. Move into her space, but do so very casually. If she makes a joke laugh and touch the back of her hand. If the two decide to move to a table he will let his hand rest lightly on her lower back, gently guiding her through the crowds and at the same time raising the heat of their encounter. He will now sit beside her, allowing his thigh to touch hers.

    Notice how all of his actions are natural. They come from a place of self confidence and attraction to her. He uses his body language to attract women the moment he walks into the bar to the moment he walks out with her. Actually, he is so in tune with the power of body language and is such a natural that he uses body language in everything he does, not just to attract women.

    Which man do you want to be? How to use body language to attract women can be learned and practiced and mastered.

    If you want to know how it ended. Guy number one went home alone, guy number two got bounced from the bar and guy number three drove the lady home with her number in his phone and plans for the next day.

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    Recent 3D Animation Techniques

    3D animation finds its applications in different areas such as movies or games industry, as well as it is useful for different kinds of education purposes. It brings more human, social and dramatic reality to these fields. The reason of using the animations for educational purposes is to create specialized presentations to support greater level of realism that is adequate for better understanding of the context presented.

    3D animating found in games refers to various sorts of objects and characters that are animated in real-time (flocking systems, etc). Its application in this area concerns realistic fashion of animation during the game and, for example, in cutscenes which break up the gameplay.

    According to animations that are present in movies, these are used to provide the sophisticated art and entertainment by watching amazing graphics. The number of different techniques that are found in production of films is great, e PTFE tape.g. Motion Capture, Rotoscoping and many more.

    1. Potential of 3D animation

    3D animation is growing in both use and importance and the need for new advances in this field becomes an emerging possibility for studies and researches as new approaches need to be developed. The latest findings show it is essential to invent new algorithms and techniques for creating better results that could be adopted by other industries. Recent studies concern, among other methods, facial expressions and character animations which are important areas to discover Energy drink.

    The number of movies and games that make use of computer generated animation becomes larger as existing approaches yet are able to provide realistic effects. However, there is a need to enhance the knowledge regarding recent methods that simulate these processes. Furthermore, this knowledge should be adopted by active animators and newcomers.

    The limitations of existent technology bring to live problems that must be faced by current animators. These limitations cause the lack of realism in animations produced by most animators as they have no professional tools or have no experience to do so. As a consequence, the motivation for exploring the areas of facial expressions and character animations needs to be addressed to scientists and developers of new animating approaches. The findings can enhance rendering facial features or improve the level of realism applied to a character. Finally, new methods can create new ways of producing animations more efficient and more effective.

    2. Recent advances and future technologies

    Facial animation and character animation have a long history in their development processes. At its early stage, both were only available in cartoons, where animators were drawers painting sequences of pictures to create an illusion of movement. But the advance in facial animation and character animation areas became larger as the technology has risen. A development of computer graphics started applying both areas by computers.

    2.a. Facial animation

    Depending on what technique the animator would take to animate a face, the production cycle is different. For some standards methods, mesh of the face model needs to be pre-modelled then vertex by vertex, frame by frame animated to produce desired expression. For some latest approaches, such like motion capture, the mesh of the face is captured instantly. After that, animators polish and smooth the pre-generated animation and add some details to the mesh model.

    The list of some standard techniques which are related to facial animation:

    Keyframing Skeleton-Muscle System Morph Target Animation

    Skeleton-Muscle System, for example, is a relatively old technique that is used in most commercial animated movies production. Also, 3DS MAX package supports this approach. The Skeleton-Muscle System has a 1:1 correspondence to know other face muscles surrounding. Moreover, it uses a spring and mass systems to animate or deform the skin cheap smart card.

    Other method, called Morph Target Animation, bases on moving each vertex of a face mesh to a different position in every keyframe to create a motion. By doing this an animator is able to make real-looking face expressions (smile or blink) or sophisticated movements to bring life into computer-generated lines, points and surfaces.

    The most recent advances in facial animation have presented new ways to capture facial expressions from human face. This technique can be implemented by using specialized detectors which transfer the data to the PC during the face movements. Nowadays, a large number of such tools are present but all of them use different algorithms and different equipment and the results obtained from every each one are more or less accurate. Typically, more accurate systems cost more. An alternative to them are cheaper systems which are widely used.

    The list of most recent techniques which are related to facial animation:

    Non-Rigid Tracking for Facial Motion Capture Spatial Markov Random Field method Sketch-Based Facial Animation Sparse Stereo Mesh

    Among other recent methods, Sparse Stereo Mesh gives relatively great results. Sparse Stereo Mesh is designed to obtain facial contours by capturing the data from special markers that are placed on the human face using the camera. The input data is a dense 3D mesh of the person. This technique allows transferring the kinematics learned on a sparse mesh onto the 3D dense mesh, which provides more realism at the end.

    The application of all facial animation techniques is wide (biometrics, animation, CGI, etc). There are some factors that differ ones from another, such like:

    Production cycle (new development approaches in use) Costs (new expensive technology will become cheaper) Production time (new advances save the production time) Obtained textural details (such as wrinkles or stubble) Captured quality of expressions (quality of the facial 3D mesh) Number of filters used to smooth the skin (if supported) Detectors (markers) used or not Future holds (new technology will be in use)

    2.b. Character animation

    Animation techniques applied to a character have a large number of applications being done so far. The production cycle of the character animation is similar to facial animation.

    The list of some standard techniques which are related to character animation:

    Keyframing Morph Target Animation Forward Kinematics and Inverse Kinematics Skeleton-Based Animation

    Forward Kinematics calculates the movements of particular part from the position and orientation of the object, in the normal way, downward the tree structure. In case of using Inverse Kinematics the position and orientation of each part of the articulated model is determined by desired position of certain parts of the model, movement is calculated upward the tree structure.

    In Skeleton-Based Animation approach a skeleton is a base having hierarchical structure of the human model. Each part of the model is responsible for a portion of deformable mesh. In practice, the character obtains shapes by attaching a mesh to a skeleton. Assuming, the skin will follow the movement of the skeleton.

    Motion Capture advance for character animation is as great 3D animation tool for realistically capturing human motion. There are a lot of mocap systems that are widely used because of their precision and big advantage of simplifying the process of animation (mechanical, electromagnetic, optical).

    Here is the Motion Capture Pipeline:

    Calibration Capture 3D Position Reconstruction Fitting to the Skeleton Post Processing (motion editing, motion warping)

    The future of the Motion Capture:

    Marketless mocap Cheaper (current systems are relatively expensive) Larger use and easier access

    3. Conclusions

    For sure, film and games industries profit from the latest technology, for example Motion Capture, as well as other methods to successfully progress the realism and feelings in movies and games. Moreover, commercial graphics packages (Autodesk Maya, Autodesk 3DS Max, Light wave 3D) enable animators to create movements smoother and better. Moreover, animation techniques are successively developed and it is important to invent new algorithms for creating greater results that could be adopted by other industries.

    The very current state of technology in a range of researches about facial expressions and character animations is advanced. However, the technology cannot be easily implemented and used by actual graphics and animating systems/ software. The limitation due to computers power causes that this technology can be used by expensive computer systems that are able to handle all the operations to produce best effects.

    Assuming, an effort to develop new approaches, that can be available for everybody, is needed.The latest trends show a huge impact of facial and character animations on the technology development. In the future new techniques will be invented for tracking human movements and facial expressions more precise and more efficient.

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    Learn how to Treat and Prevent Knee Pain caused by Iliotibial Band Syndrome

    Knee pain, as a result of Iliotibial Band Syndrome, can be an extremely painful and frustrating injury that puts a big strain on both the knee and hip joints.

    Knee pain caused by iliotibial band syndrome is very common among runners and cyclists. However, the knee pain doesn’t usually occur in an instant, like a hamstring strain or groin pull, but commonly starts off as a twinge or niggle, and progresses quickly to debilitating knee pain that can sideline the best of us for weeks.

    If you suffer from knee pain or iliotibial band syndrome, or are seeking to prevent its occurrence, it is important to follow the information in this article. In addition, adding a few simple stretches to your fitness program will also help. To get started on a safe and effective stretching routine learn more about The Stretching Handbook and how it can improve your fitness.

    What is Iliotibial Band Syndrome?

    For those who aren’t familiar with Iliotibial Band Syndrome, let’s start by having a look at the muscle responsible for the problem e-cigarette kits for sale.

    Iliotibial Band muscle group image from

    Principles of Anatomy and Physiology

    by G.J. Tortora and N.P. Anagnostakos.

    The iliotibial band is actually a thick tendon-like portion of another muscle called the tensor fasciae latae plastic card printing. This band passes down the outside of the thigh and inserts just below the knee.

    The diagram to the right shows the anterior (front) view of the right thigh muscles. If you look towards the top left of the diagram, you’ll see the tensor fasciae latae muscle. Follow the tendon of this muscle down and you’ll see that it runs all the way to the knee. This thick band of tendon is the iliotibial band. Or iliotibial tract, as it is labelled in the diagram.

    The main problem occurs when the tensor fasciae latae muscle and iliotibial band become tight. This causes the tendon to pull the knee joint out of alignment and rub against the outside of the knee, which results in inflammation and pain.

    What Causes Iliotibial Band Syndrome?

    There are two main causes of knee pain associated with iliotibial band syndrome. The first is “overload” and the second is “biomechanical errors.”

    Overload is common with sports that require a lot of running or weight bearing activity. This is why ITB is commonly a runner’s injury. When the tensor fasciae latae muscle and iliotibial band become fatigued and overloaded, they lose their ability to adequately stabilize the entire leg. This in-turn places stress on the knee joint, which results in pain and damage to the structures that make up the knee joint.

    Overload on the ITB can be caused by a number of things. They include:

    Exercising on hard surfaces, like concrete;

    Exercising on uneven ground;

    Beginning an exercise program after a long lay-off period;

    Increasing exercise intensity or duration too quickly;

    Exercising in worn out or ill fitting shoes; and

    Excessive uphill or downhill running.

    Biomechanical errors include:

    Leg length differences;

    Tight, stiff muscles in the leg;

    Muscle imbalances;

    Foot structure problems such as flat feet; and

    Gait, or running style problems such as pronation.

    Immediate Treatment for Knee Pain

    Firstly, be sure to remove the cause of the problem. Whether is be an overload problem, or a biomechanical problem, make sure steps are taken to remove the cause.

    The basic treatment for knee pain that results from ITB Syndrome is no different to most other soft tissue injuries. Immediately following the onset of any knee pain, the R.I.C.E.R. regime should be applied wedding dresses. This involves Rest, Ice,Compression, Elevation, and Referral to an appropriate professional for an accurate diagnosis. It is critical that the R.I.C.E.R. regime be implemented for at least the first 48 to 72 hours. Doing this will give you the best possible chance of a complete and full recovery.

    Ongoing Treatment and Prevention

    Although the pain may be felt mainly in the knee, the problem is actually caused by the muscles that support the knee. Namely the tensor fasciae latae and the large muscle at the rear of your upper leg, called the gluteus maximus.

    Other muscles in the lower back, hip, backside and upper leg also affect the function of the knee, so it’s important to pay attention to all these muscles. After the first 48 to 72 hours, consider a good deep tissue massage. It may be just what you need to help loosen up those tight muscles.

    Firstly, don’t forget a thorough and correct warm up will help to prepare the muscles and tendons for any activity to come. Without a proper warm up the muscles and tendons will be tight and stiff. There will be limited blood flow to the leg muscles, which will result in a lack of oxygen and nutrients for those muscles.

    Before any activity be sure to thoroughly warm up all the muscles and tendons that will be used during your sport or activity. Click here for a detailed explanation of how, why and when to perform your warm up.

    Secondly, flexible muscles are extremely important in the prevention of most leg injuries. When muscles and tendons are flexible and supple, they are able to move and perform without being over stretched. If however, your muscles and tendons are tight and stiff, it is quite easy for those muscles and tendons to be pushed beyond their natural range of movement. To keep your muscles and tendons flexible and supple, it is important to undertake a structured stretching routine.

    The stretch to the right is one of the best stretches for the tensor fasciae latae.

    Stand upright and cross one foot behind the other. Then lean towards the foot that is behind the other. Hold this stretch for about 15 to 20 seconds, and then repeat it 3 to 4 times on each leg.

    While the recommendations on this page are a good starting point, you’ll get a lot more benefit when you include a wider range of exercises. So to improve your performance, reduce injuries and really take advantage of all the stretching exercises on offer, grab a copy of the Stretching Handbook and accompanying DVD. Together, they include 135 clear photographs and 44 video demonstrations of unique stretching exercises for every major muscle group in your body.

    The DVD also included 3 customized stretching routines (8 minutes each) for the Upper Body; the Lower Body; and the Neck, Back & Core, plus a bonus DVD-ROM feature that allows you to print out over 80 stretching routines that you can take with you where ever you go.

    The Handbook and DVD will show you, step-by-step, how to perform each stretch correctly. Plus, you’ll also learn the 7 critical rules for safe stretching; the benefits of flexibility; and how to stretch properly. Check out the Stretching Handbook & DVD for yourself.

    And thirdly, strengthening and conditioning the muscles around your knee and upper leg will help greatly to reduce the chance of knee injury and knee pain.

    If you are in too much pain to resume normal exercise, consider swimming, deep water exercise, or maybe cycling. Otherwise, The Walking Site has a list of safe, simple and easy strengthening exercises for the muscles of the upper leg and knee. To keep your knees in tip-top condition practice these regularly.

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    Applying Performance Management Strategy to Solving the Current Public Policy Conflict in Wisconsin


    In assessing the current situation brewing in Madison, WI in which public service labor unions are showing resistance to proposed legislative changes proposed by Governor Walker, there are two ways of looking at the conflict. Both Walker and collective bargaining representatives need to be committed to overcoming differences in political perspectives, be they conservative or liberal. Another point of view comes from the field of performance management, specifically in regards to the theory known as Total Quality Management (TQM) as proposed by Demming .

    Understanding the Conflict over Wisconsin S.B. 11

    The challenge in understanding the long-term effects of this struggle, it might work better to avoid politicizing the concerns of all stakeholders in order to find a common-ground resolution. By looking at the text of S Tri-spoke Carbon Wheels.B. 11, and by comparing proposed changes to Wisconsin law to actual TQM goals, it might shed more light than heat at this point. It is crucial to look at both the context of the bill and scholarly examinations of TQM in the public sector with a focus on whether or not they are compatible with each other in both theory and practice. Additionally, there is a need for a non-adversarial organizational paradigm in order to avoid such conflicts in the future.

    The text of S.B Evaporative Air Cooler. 11 (2011) states from the outset the purpose of this pending legislation:

    AN ACT relating to: state finances, collective bargaining for public employees, compensation and fringe benefits of public employees, the state civil service system, the Medical Assistance program, sale of certain facilities, granting bonding authority, and making an appropriation (p. 1).

    On the surface, there is more to this bill than just collective bargaining issues that affect public employee unions. While news reports focuses on union-led protests, there are other provisions that might prove objectionable when seen from a TQM perspective. This discusson centers on those changes directly regarding public sector TQM matters and how these changes would affect all stakeholders in the State of Wisconsin–namely, its residents. Finally, there is a need to understand the environmental factors that exacerbate this situation and offer a solution to mitigate such weaknesses in the public sector.

    Fryer, et al. (2007) address the challenges faced by the public sector that has been evident prior to and which has been exacerbated by the current economic downturn:

    In the public sector, the motivation for improvement is not increased profit but that public sector organisations are being faced with ever greater demands, (due to demographic and societal changes outwith their control), on their (relatively) diminishing funds. They are being charged with providing “Best value” with the monies that they have, along with calls for increased accountability and transparency (p. 501).

    Additionally, there are thirteen critical success factors which can determine how and why a TQM approach can work in the context of the public sector and the ones that apply specifically to public sector employees are teamwork, communication, training and learning, and employee empowerment (Fryer, et al., 2007, p. 503). In addressing these specific concerns, the text of the proposed law avoids to consider these valid considerations.

    For example, Wisconsin’s SB 11 (2011) states one change, which has sparked the massive protests among public sector workers:

    Current law provides that state and municipal employees who are represented by a labor organization have the organization dues deducted from their salaries. Except for salary deductions for public safety employees, this bill prohibits the salary deductions for labor organization dues. [emphasis added] This bill also allows a general employee to refrain from paying dues and remain a member of a collective bargaining unit (p. 2).

    Such changes could be justified by distributive justice arguements if it was written to permit voluntary salary deductions for union dues or addreses changes to collective bargaining rules applicable to all public sector workers. However, a complete prohibition on any dues-related deductions with the exception of one specific sector gives the appearance of favoritism and violates the spirit of distributive justice. This, in turn, could set up resistance to any demonstrative TQM-related benefits by those who would be directly affected by the legislative changes should they become law.

    One of the factors that leads to such resistance has been identified as “[t]he constantly changing goalposts imposed by external (political) factors” as typified by “[q]uality initiatives [that] are frequently imposed on the public sector and seen as a desire to score political points rather than [motivated by] a genuine desire to improve services” (Nwabueze and Kanji, 1997 as cited in Fryer, et al., 2007, p.508). In light of this, one aspect of S.B. 11–permitting the state Department of Administration to sell off any state-owned utilities without approval of the Public Service Commission (p. 6)–seems to be completely unrelated to any TQM standards in relation to employee productivity and has the potential to increase utility rates based solely on the privatization of state-administered resources. “[Public Utility Districts] have consistently offered electricity at rates that are substantially lower than investor-owned utilities” (OPUDA – About us, 2011, para. 8), which is why this provision of S.B. 11 would be objectionable to the people of Wisconsin.

    Additionally, the bill abolishes the University of Wisconsin Hospitals and Clinics Board, described as “a state agency [contractually empowered] to provide the services of state employees who are in clerical, blue collar and nonbuilding trades, building trades crafts, security and public safety, and technical collective bargaining units” (S.B. 11, 2011, p. 7). This could serve to reduce any potential state employee TQM buy-in as it focuses on a program which has been well-established. It might also serve to increase costs for private insurance coverage, specifically the proposed increased employee contribution mandates (S.B. 11, 2011, pp. 3-4). There are additional changes in Chapter 149 of the 2010 Wisconsin Code which impact the Health Insurance Risk-Sharing Plan Authority and prohibit limited term appointments from participating in the both the Wisconsin Retirement System (WRS) and the Group Insurance Board (GIB) programs. It is not clear if the aforementioned changes would actually prove cost-effective in the long-term.

    The bill makes significant changes in public health policy as well. It transfers the authority to make changes in the Medicaid program from the legislature to the state Department of Health Services (Wahlberg, 2011, para. 4) and completely eliminates the Wisconsin Quality Home Care Authority (QHCA) from the list of official state agencies (S.B. 11, 2011, p. 62; Wahlberg, 2011, para. 10), a fact that has been mostly unreported by major news organizations. Regarding the former proposal, Wisconsin Code 15.05(1)(a) stipulates, “If a department is under the direction and supervision of a secretary, the secretary shall be nominated by the governor, and with the advice and consent of the senate appointed, to serve at the pleasure of the governor” (2010 Wisconsin Code, 15.05). By removing such changes from the legislative process, this prevents any future changes from being made at the behest of Wisconsin’s citizens.

    In regards to the elimination of the QHCA, this public authority was created in 2009 to “include the creation of a registry of independent home care workers and the ability for independent home care workers to organize as a union to bargain for wages and benefits” (Quality Home Care Authority, 2010, para. 1). While some may argue that having in-home support workers covered under collective bargaining is untenable, Gerrick (2003) notes that “unions, in improving benefits and pay, could decrease turnover and attract more workers to the profession, reducing staffing concerns” (p. 133). Stevens (2008, as cited in Guion, 2010) notes that reducing turnover is one of the primary goals of an effective TQM approach (p. 20). Therefore, eliminating the QHCA might increase turnover of unskilled home care providers and could actually result in increased Medicare costs for skilled nursing home care (Wahlberg, 2011, paras. 10-14). This seems counter-intuitive to the understanding that “TQM is not about tools, techniques and doing the bare minimum” (Youssef and Zairi,1995, as cited in Fryer, et al., 2007, p. 506).

    Applying Performance Management Theory Towards a Resolution

    Terziovski et al. (1996, as cited in Fryer, et al. 2007) make a valid point that one of the primary goals of TQM is an internal focus on customer focus (p. 505); it can be argued that the “customers” of the State of Wisconsin are its citizens. Therefore, it is possible that the focus of these changes have very little to do with meeting the specific needs of Wisconsin residents. If news reports of the growing numbers of those protesting Governor Walker’s proposals are any indication, not all stakeholders are pleased by his suggestions for organizational change.

    The most fascinating aspect of this conflict stems from the common assumption among management theorists that resistance to TQM is solely a function of workers, in this case those covered by collective bargaining agreements. Schoetzau (1998) observes, however, that “part of the difficulty in creating lasting changes…can be attributed to top-down approaches that initiated change from above” (p. 9). Aquinis (2009) affirms this observation by stating, “successful implementation requires wide organizational support and acceptance” (p. 154), which applies to not only performance management but TQM initiatives as well.

    In light of available information, there is a need for a process designed to disarm the sort of resistance to improvement observed in situations such as the one still occurring in Madison, WI. By looking at the Japanese management style known as Participative Decision Making (PDM), Hasegawa (1986) notes that:

    [o]ne of the most appealing characteristics of Japanese personnel practices is their people-centered approach to management. Japanese organizations are bound together by such guiding principles (but not guarantees) [emphasis original] as lifetime employment, harmony and consensus in decision making, and a preoccupation with the quality of goods and services provided (as cited in Kearney & Hayes, 1994, p. 45)

    What seems absent from TQM discussions that focus solely on TQM resistance from public sector labor unions is an acknowledgement that governmental processes are adversarial due to the dual nature of representational political processes in light of trends indicative of increasing partisan animosity. Such considerations are essential when applying TQM priniciples to changes affecting the public sector.

    Overcoming Adversarial Weakness Through Cooperation

    This may simply be ‘the nature of the beast’ in regards to representational democracy, or it may be a reflection of human nature to seek conflict despite one’s best interests. “American society itself is characterized by individualism and adversarialism. [...] Even our education system is premised on individual competition-not cooperation” (Kearney & Hayes, 1994, p. 48) RANGE ROVER AUTOBIOGRAPHY. In order to get beyond these limitations, it might behoove both conflicting parties to adopt a win-win attitude in order to negotiate towards a common ground.

    In both private enterprise and the public sector, “[w]in-win experiences have been achieved through vehicles other than collective bargaining. QCs, TQM, LMCs, QWL programs, and other cooperative endeavors have reported integrative outcomes in a variety of jurisdictions” (Kearney & Hayes, 1994, p. 47). In light of this observation, perhaps a true paradigm shift is in order that stresses cooperation over victory. This means that all parties involved must be willing to make concessions; the burden must not be placed on organized labor to their perceived detriment.

    While it is crucial for labor unions to embrace cooperation, it is not prudent from their perspective to do so when such an attitude is not shared by the other negotiating parties, be they representatives of private industry management or public service administration. “Where management itself designs a representational structure for employee participation in decision making, the employee response is likely to be a presumption of management insincerity, manipulation or corruption” (Kearney & Hayes, 1994, p. 48). Aquinis (2006) describes the need for an environmental analysis that takes into account organizational strengths and weaknesses and their effect on internal processes (p. 57). A deliberative process based on adversarial relationships is a definite environmental weakness within in the public sector, particularly in the case of the ongoing conflict in Madison, Wisconsin. All indications point to additional conflicts of this nature occuring in other portions of the United States, stressing a real need for cooperation among all public policy stakeholders.


    From a performance management perspective, the best way to defuse this situation and mitigate similar situations in other governmental agencies is to insist upon all parties involved to find a common ground by abandoning partisan ideologies based on authoritarian business models and accepting the reality that effective policy decisions–as well as balanced budgets–benefit by applying PDM principles to public policy negotiations. It is simply untenable for the public sector to continue embracing an adversarial concept that one side must ‘win’ over the other, as the situation in Madison, Wisconsin illustrates. In order to create a more lasting and professional reality, both Governor Walker and the representatives of collective bargaining units in Wisconsin must work with a neutral arbitrator in order to find common ground. As long as even one of these parties shows unwillingness to budge from partisan agendas, there will be no viable way to resolve this situation.


    2010 Wisconsin Code 15.05. Retrieved from: http://law.justia/wisconsin/codes/2010/15/15.05.html

    Aquinis, H.. (2009). Performance management (2nd edition). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Prentice Hall.

    Fryer, K.J., Antony, J. & Douglas, A.. (2007). Critical success factors of continuous improvement in the public sector: A literature review and some key findings. The TQM Magazine, 19(5), 497-517. Retrieved February 19, 2011, from ABI/INFORM Global. (Document ID: 1325786291).

    Gerrick, K. (2003). An inquiry into unionizing home healthcare workers: Benefits for workers and patients. American Journal of Law & Medicine, 29(1), 117. Retrieved from EBSCOhost.

    Guion, C.. (2010). The impact of TQM and Six Sigma improvement methodologies on organizational performance. Ph.D. dissertation, Capella University, United States — Minnesota. Retrieved February 19, 2011, from Dissertations & Theses: Full Text.(Publication No. AAT 3398717).

    Kearney, R.C, & Hays, S.W.. (1994). Labor-management relations and participative decision making: Toward a new paradigm. Public Administration Review, 54(1), 44. Retrieved February 20, 2011, from ABI/INFORM Global. (Document ID: 709193).

    OPUDA – About us. (2011). Oregon People’s Utility District Association (Organization website). Retrieved from: http://.opuda.org/about-us/

    Quality Home Care Authority. (2010, August 24). Retrieved from: http://.dhs.wisconsin.gov/LTCare/QHCA/Index.htm

    S.B. 11, 2011-2012 Leg., Spec. Sess. (Wis. 2011). Retrieved from: http://legis.wisconsin.gov/JR1SB-11.pdf

    Schoetzau, E.S.. (1998). Principals’ support for teacher leaders at elementary schools in a large suburban school district in Virginia. (Ed.D. dissertation). Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, United States — Virginia. Retrieved February 20, 2011, from Dissertations & Theses: Full Text. (Publication No. AAT 9831668).

    Wahlberg, D.. (2011, February 14). “Walker budget proposal would impact how health care works in state”. Wisconsin State Journal (Online edition). Retrieved from: http://host.madison/wsj/news/local/govt-and-politics/article_a28507fa-38a7-11e0-a87e-001cc4c002e0.html

    Order by http://www.juicevn.com/Fruit-Milk_c2

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    FDD-LTE module manufacturers 

    Produce Traceability From Field To Fork, A Milestone For The Safety Of Fresh Produce

    Today, in a market that continues going towards a wide-scale integration of a universal food and produce traceability system, PTI (produce traceability initiative), now in its fourth year of existence, has established several milestones (seven milestones to be precise) to mark its progress of implementation. The final milestone is to read and store information on all outbound cases, which is essentially whole-chain traceability. The final milestone was due to be met in 2012, which insiders say now is unlikely industry wide. However, progress is moving forward and some of the largest retail chains will likely meet the final milestone this year, which no doubt will impact many in the industry.

    The produce traceability initiative, a call to action

    As the potential for fresh and fresh-processed produce to cause foodborne illness became increasingly evident, one of the industry responses was to seek a uniform and harmonized mechanism to effectively minimize the acute and chronic burden of recalls and to accelerate the effort to get to a common distribution, processing and supply point. Having this in mind, the industry took upon itself a series of actions to help guard against and better react to future outbreaks. One of the primary steps in this mobilization of the industry was the development of the Produce Traceability Initiative (PTI) Potato slicer. This voluntary effort is designed to help the industry maximize its ability to keep track of and quickly trace back products in the supply chain from the field to retail level.

    Narrowing the focus of a voluntary product recall to a single supplier and avoiding commodity-wide consumer advisories from public health agencies was seen as a compelling argument for accepting the total supply-chain management milestones, very briefly, these milestones include the following:

    Obtain a GS1-issued company prefix, which allows for the unique identification of products from that company. This unique prefix, held by the brand owner, is incorporated into all global trade identification number tags (GTINs) assigned to produce shipping case or carton units that are recognizable/readable throughout the supply chain. Repackers, depending on specifics of commingling and other parameters, need to obtain their own unique GS-1 prefix.Brand owners assign specific 14-digit GTIN numbers to all of their product shipping-unit configurations based on the combination of the assigned prefix and a reference number. The expectation is that the reference number assignments follow a uniform strategy and logic across the industry for better consistency in communication kayak seats.Brand owners provide the specific GTINs and corresponding data to buyers for information recognition at the receiver location.All of those packing product should provide bar code and human-readable information specifying the GTIN and lot number on every case of produce shipped.

    One appealing aspect of improving internal traceability has been the recognition that data capture and analysis using manual bar code reading or automated identification systems, such as radio frequency identification (RFID) labels, is capable of significantly improving efficiencies and becoming a driver for improving unit operations. Tracking lot-associated data over time from site history, seed lot, all crop inputs, seasonal weather fluctuations, maturity and other factors may lead to the identification of patterns that affect quality, profitability and safety. Currently, data-rich internal traceability is being explored most intensely in the postharvest handling phases to capture the specific timing of key transfers and movements from harvest to cooling to staging for shipment. Linking this data to similar information from shipping docks to a food service or retail distribution center may be instrumental in localizing problem routes, carriers or receiver situations that result in avoidable losses. Not all parties are enthusiastic about the prospect of being able to isolate the cause of product compromises and cold-chain deficiencies.

    The industry has come a long way with the help of solution providers being inventive and creative and helping drive the cost/investment down. Some are on target to complete the milestones by the end of 2012 (such as an SAP certified agro-business solution). The issue faced by the retail/wholesale segment has been challenging as they discover the need for upgrades to software and hardware FDD-LTE module.

    An all-in-one agriculture management solution masterfully integrates and complies with the use of GS1 traceability standards for standardized product information, case level tracking, electronic recordkeeping, fulfilling the needs of the growers of a farm-to-fork tracking in minutes, not days, helping the growers to achieve full traceability and earn the highest levels of confidence in the safety of the products, enhancing and maintaining the confidence of consumers and government, supporting commitment to food safety.

    Produce Traceability Initiative Progressing Toward All Milestones

    A recent survey to gauge produce industry members’ adoption of the Produce Traceability Initiative’s (PTI) seven milestones indicates companies are making widespread progress. PTI is made up of a diverse group of 228 companies representing all produce industry sectors and a broad array of sizes responded to invitations to complete the survey, led by four categories: growers, packers/re-packers, shippers, and distributors. Demand-side respondents, comprising distributors, retailers, foodservice operators, and wholesalers or terminal markets, constituted 23 percent of the respondents.

    Among the highlights of the survey, which was open to all produce companies, regardless of whether they have been active in PTI activities, found that 84 percent of responding suppliers are communicating GS1 Global Trade Item Numbers (GTINs) to receivers, while 77 percent of all brand owners said that they have assigned GTINs to some or all of their produce cases. Meanwhile, 88 percent of receivers report they are receiving cases with incoming GTINs, and 75 percent of receiver’s report they are reading or planning on reading data on some or all inbound cases. Receivers lag suppliers on implementations, but are making headway, with 43 percent of receivers reporting they are totally or partially equipped for reading inbound PTI-recommended data, and 40 percent of receivers storing all or some data on inbound cases.

    Relatively few companies declared an unwillingness to participate in the initiative, with only 7 percent of brand owners saying they do not plan to meet the entry-level milestones. According to these, what is the message from PTIS 34 member leadership council that governs the group? “Don’t wait, begin implementing PTI now.”

    Still a work in progress, but don’t let the ship sail without you

    The responsibility for the safety of fresh produce does not reside with one sector of the supply chain, but extends from field to fork and beyond to the responsible and sensible behavior of consumers. Rapidly developing traceability initiatives that include putting source-tracking codes in the hands of consumers at point of sale or making them accessible by entering human-readable codes found on item labels into a website are remarkable developments. The degree of transparency and intimate data-sharing is already transforming major players and mid-size early adopters.

    In various grower and shipper meetings, industry insiders lament the painful process of conversion to a more uniform and pervasive system of external traceability. It is painful in that it alters not just long-standing practices but truly a culture and way of life. However, the greatest predictions of gloom relate to the impact on the bottom line. An often-heard phrase, “I only see my costs, I don’t see my benefits,” is reflected in adversarial attitudes toward implementing food safety documentation, record keeping and the audit process. Though lagging behind by years, an equally common observation by growers and packers has been that maturing into a comprehensive food safety program has resulted in substantial gains in quality and has reduced both losses and adjustments at destination. Pinpointing returns on investments in traceability and new systems to enhance regulatory trace-back is a challenge, but it is reasonable to anticipate tangible returns in efficiency from better internal tracking. The greatest identified benefits are not individual but will result from addressing and removing the current inefficiencies and barriers to outbreak investigations. Eliminating the chance of a nationwide consumer advisory against a commodity or region is strong incentive for the full supply chain to move to a new culture.

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    kayak seat pads exporters 

    What’s on the Radio Today

    The importance of the radio as a recent social phenomenon cannot be underestimated – it is only developing and never getting old, and the rowing number of radio channels and their fans certainly testifies to that. It is quite understandable – a wide range of radio channels will let you pick one or two that fully correspond to ll your preferences.

    In turn, every single channel is not limited in what to broadcast even if it has a clearly defined specialization – no matter what channel you decide to listen today, you will most likely hear both music and the news, both entertaining and educational programs.This means everyone can find something new and interesting for themselves as soon as they simply turn the radio on, and it is the most convenient way to instantly get all the world and local news, be updated on the most important events, get familiar with new bands and individual performers and simply fight boredom.

    For new music groups and aspiring singers the radio is the perfect way to be heard and get more and more fans all over the broadcasting area. Composers and producers are always in search of radio stations to sign contracts with, as it is proved to be the most effective way to get publicity and become a success.

    No matter who you are – a musician, a producer or just a fan, the radio can provide you with quite a lot of possibilities for your best convenience Nandrolone decanoate. Broadcast is a real-time process, so you can be sure all the information you get is not out of date and really needed at this particular moment kayak seat pads. People who have got used to multitasking particularly like it that they can leave the radio on and keep doing their work so that they can hear something curios or just enjoy beautiful music without getting distracted.

    Finally, the radio can bring congeners together – taking part in interactive projects and reacting on quite frequent requests for feedback, it often happens the listeners communicate with each other rather than the host of this or that radio program alone.

    There are many facilities for listening to the radio nowadays – along with custom radio players, MP3 players and smart phones also support radio channels and you can listen to the radio online as well. The last way is the most convenient and preferred by music fans all over the world, and it is quite reasonable – Internet radio players give quick access to thousands of channels that are not limited by the local ones, so you can listen to any radio program that is broadcast anywhere in the world. The Internet radio lets you switch from one channel to another with no restrictions which gives you unique opportunities to hear something that the host of your favorite program on the local radio station could never imagine Kayak cart. What’s more, many web resources encourage the users to create their own channels – everyone wants to speak their mind out loud and be heard, right?

    You see, the Internet radio is perfect for everyone who is always on the go yet does not want to compromise for the best facilities for information and communication, so if it is new for you, you are recommended to try it out – you will not be disappointed .

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    sup boards manufacturers 

    Online Business Degree Students Can Find Financial Aid

    Going directly from high school to law school is too big a jump for most anyone. It is important to take every necessary step toward earning a law degree, or becoming a professional in the legal field. Education is necessary, and with the right focus a criminal justice degree online is a compelling alternative to buying a career in the legal field kayak cart. Many people will be involved in various teaching and alternative methods in relation to areas of law and criminal justice.

    One of the best ways to take steps towards a legal career is by earning a criminal justice degree online. By earning a criminal justice degree online can take a step or two to take his career or her dreams. Distance learning MBA will allow one to choose the best time to attend, and the amount of time it would take for them to gain scale Custom Motor Bodywork. Flexibility is important for most students, and online programs provide these types of classes for students working toward a degree in law.

    Buying a book on criminal justice programs in the United States will easily help illustrate the fact that most criminal justice programs are four year programs that cost thousands of dollars a semester to attend. While this approach is good for many reasons, there are thousands of people who would be interested in becoming a legal professional, but can not afford it. An online program may be the best option for them. Criminal justice degree online ensures that people can earn a degree in as little as 2 years without having to spend a small fortune on their education Potato slicer. They will not have to drop everything to return to school sup boards. Many institutions will accept that Online BCA programs are as comprehensive, and effective as those traditional programs offered in a traditional campus. Having the opportunity to attend an online program has been liberating factor for highly qualified professionals looking for a way to break into the legal field.

    Another benefit of enrolling in any online degree program is that you will gain exposure to the latest computer technology that can directly help you earn more money in the chosen field. For criminal justice industry, this is the easiest way to learn some advanced techniques used. There are so many new aspects of computer related technology in criminal justice degree program online that is difficult to count. There are courses that focus on looking for the suspects, as well as new police officers to use software to keep in touch with the call center at their home stations. This all results in an online program that is worthy of the sacrifices people have to do to earn it.

    For millions of people who have always wanted a career in the legal, online degrees can be a step in the right direction. There is no better time to earn a criminal justice degree online today.

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    wholesale LED floodlight 

    Free Automation Tools For Mobile App Testing

    Mobile technology has become the game changer in the current technology landscape and people are crazy about it. Nine people are using the mobile devices out of every ten in the United States which shows the extensive use of mobile power. Millions of mobile applications are available in the app stores and in the mobile devices it needs a great mobile application testing process for all the apps just before the launching. So it is very important for an app that it should be well tested before it gets launched.

    As we know some of the biggest tech gadgets giants like Google’s Android and Apple are capturing the entire smart phones market but still some small fishes like RIM playbook and windows phones are surviving in this tech ocean. Today’s most demanded OS are Android, IOS and windows and RIM and most of the mobile applications are being developed under these platforms. Out of the entire platforms Android app and iPHone app testing is leading the market and now a big competition is there in the mobile application market RFID key tag.

    Here in this article we will consider some of the best automation tools being used specially for Android app testing and IOS app. Here we have 5 automation tools which are very popular in the testing community. All the below mentioned tools are free and very useful for mobile application.

    FoneMonkey 5

    This tool is mainly used for iPhone and iPad app, it records all the performed actions as a test script and we can run it any time. There are lots of features in this tool as it gives code generation options and optimized for both iPhone as well as for the iPad. It can work for simulators as well as for the devices too which offers completely automated test playback LED floodlight Kayak cart .


    This tool is also used for iPhone application as it provides the canvas for testing the design. This tool is very beneficial for those developers who want to develop website 320 *480 in iPhone.

    W3C mobileOK Checker

    It is just a Quality assurance tool for mobile application which ensures the quality of a webpage. It is announced by the W3C that it will be a free tool for web developers.

    DotMobi Emulator

    It is a web based mobile website testing tool through which one can see how the website looks on the different devices. It ensures the user experience of a website on the different device feel.

    Android SDK Emulator

    This is one of the most famous tools which offer a virtual mobile device that runs on the computer. The tool let the developer to test android app on the computer with out and device.

    Apart from these tools there are lots of paid tools available in the market which can be very beneficial for mobile application testing services. Mobile testing is a unique process and it requires more attention for a successful Android iPad and iPhone application.

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    LED high bay light sale 

    A Guide to Culinary Scholarships

    Culinary Grants – Beneficial Info

    A part out of this particular you could possibly want to help pay back intended for the actual educational costs you can be after in the event that you decide for you to stick for this particular discipline associated with activity.

    But you need to obtain available that you have in addition culinary arts scholarships or grants designed for those who are directly into this kind of location nonetheless they are unable to simply find the money for having to pay with regard to your lessons. Culinary scholarships or grants are most regarding your situations provided by organizations, expert organizations, local community groupings, businesses, as well as universities that provide lessons in the subject, such as baking, pastry, meal services, eating place operations, and hospitality too.

    Culinary fine art is really a discipline that is desired during most of these instances connected with cost effective problems; day simply by day most of us are usually amazed at the introduction involving a different cafe around the street you tend to be residing, along with as such a lot more job open positions emerging in the industry. Eating places, since well as resorts prefer employing personnel that are purely competent in the cooking disciplines and therefore United states may possess 3 million employees on this unique area along with more than 800,000 to work because culinary experts within dining places all around the American property.

    In case you will be interested to obtain ones diploma or degree in the culinary martial arts disciplines you possess to help locate out and about this colleges that really exist across the state and also offer you on this identical time scholarships with that discipline. Wishing to sign up for one of these culinary arts scholarship grants you need to commence the application form process very early e-cigarette kits for sale.

    Certain requirements will need to be content along with the sooner you attain with regard to these kinds of, more probabilities you have got to finally get your wanted scholarship. Trying to get a new scholarship, as in any kind of some other scholarship application, letter of recommendation are needed, these letters originating from sources that may be examined on showing liability in to recommending your profile AION RMT.

    Culinary schools may additionally ask associated with you a personal evaluation of your achievements, of your background as well as the goals you might have arranged and managed to accomplish. This can be done while in the appearance regarding any composed statement which needs to summarize this specific details in any clear words and coherent presentation of the particulars.

    When doing the research with the culinary institution, look closely at declares universities positioned in regions such as Florida, New York, Hawaii, California. These parts are points of interest for several visitors and since of this they set at the individuals’ disposal culinary scholarships based on worth along with financial requirements as well LED high bay light sale.

    Some scholarships in this area are further enumerated: ACF – the American Culinary arts Federation through AAC (which usually stands regarding American Academy of Culinary chefs); the actual James Beard Foundation; the particular Cooking Institute of America (CIA) which in turn presents programs associated with Associate Degrees in Culinary Arts, Bakery and Pastry.

    Selection is performed by committees that are neutral on their deciding on considerations, what mattering the most include the activities and trustworthy professional recommendation and your purposes you have to have in order to achieve after you get the cooking scholarship.

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    buy Testosterone Propionate 

    Transmitter in Our Life

    Nowadays, people cannot seem to live without having electronic device that can connect them to other people or to new information. Getting the last information is really essential for some people and for that, they need electronic device that can connect them to get what they want, either the information directly from the person they like to hear or information about what happen in the world. However, it is only few people who concern about what really happen when they get their news. Few know that in their electronic devices, there is transmitter which works in producing radio waves. The transmitter (Pemancar) produces alternating current from its antenna. This will radiates radio waves which is used in many electronic or telecommunication devices. Thus, the presence of transmitter is really important in creating telecommunication connection, especially in radio, TV, or mobile phone or even Bluetooth and wireless computer network granite slabs. However, the so-called transmitter is used only for the purpose of communication like in the radio network or mobile phone. Transmitter used in other electronic devices are not called transmitter although it is just the same thing. There are two kind s of transmitters which are well-known in the communication network; they are FM transmitter and TV transmitter.

    These transmitters are used to change the waves into more convenient format so that you can access it in any other formats. An FM transmitter is a gadget which has the purpose of giving the playback music from a device which can play music in mp3 or wav format. This is done because the device is lack of audio input line WCDMA/HSPA/UMTS module. And by giving FM transmitter, you will be able to play it in more audio input line. This FM transmitter is usually used in the car. So, people usually use it through car stereo. And if you like to have many line of audio input, you can start installing FM transmitter (Pemancar FM) in your car so that you can enjoy the music from any line you like buy Testosterone Propionate. Before you start to put FM transmitter in your car, you should know first that you have chosen the right FM transmitter because quality can gives you what you deserve. It is also important to choose the right signal because it can give you bad receiving if you do not get the right signal. If you still do not get the best reception, you can try to get your antenna pulled out so that it can reach the right waves. This is also what happens with your TV transmitter.

    When you do not get the right signal on your TV, you will need to make the antenna to be higher in case there are many buildings that bother your reception in getting the best waves. It is also important for you to make sure that you have the best model so that your reception will not lack or even lost. The difference between TV transmitter and FM transmitter is that in FM transmitter, the input that is received is the form of sound. However, in TV transmitter, the inputs which are received are in the form of audio and video. So, there are two inputs in TV transmitter (Pemancar TV). These inputs have different signal. These two different signals are put in the combiner so that it can produce the best output that can be seen by other people. These two transmitter is probably two most popular transmitter used in the world right now, along with wireless connection and Bluetooth connection which are used in communication network. With these transmitters, you can get what you want to know in any form. You can listen to the radio to get your favorite new music or even breaking news. You can watch your favorite TV shows or breaking news with pictures and video that you can see.

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