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    Get a Portable ECG Recorder for Bradycardia

    Bradycardia in the Greek language means “heart slowness”. It is basically a heart rate that is under 60 beats per minute while a person is at rest. Bradycardia is usually not detectable unless the heart rate drops to below 50 beats a minute. This slower heart rate can produce heart attacks in some individuals or even cardiac arrests.

    A cardiac arrest differs from a heart attack. It is caused by the normal circulation of the blood getting interrupted from the lack of heart contractions. A heart attack usually happens as a result of an interruption of the blood flow specifically to part of the heart that causes cells in the heart to die.

    Bradycardia may produce a heart attack or cardiac arrest when the slow heart rhythms (bradycardia’s) are not able to pump an adequate supply of oxygen to the heart. Without enough oxygen, the heart can display symptoms that resemble a heart attack. An individual may have difficulty breathing or have a fainting spell. It could even lead to death.

    Cardiac electrical therapies may increase the oxygen flow and heart rate to improve dangerous bradycardia conditions. Several cardiac electrical therapies include:

    • Implanting an ECG recorder for long-term monitoring to diagnosis an arrhythmia condition.
    • Implanting a dual and single chamber pacemaker and a defibrillator.
    • Implanting a bi-ventricular pacemaker and defibrillator treat congestive heart failure.

    It is possible for a young and healthy individual or an athlete to have a resting heart beat that is under 30 beats per minute. For example, Miguel Indurain is a professional cyclist that has a resting heart beat of 28 beats per minute. Bradycardia can be regarded as healthy and normal if a person does not exhibit any weakness, fatigue, dizziness, fainting, shortness of breath or discomfort in their chest.

    An EKG machine is typically used by ECG technicians with ECG/EKG training to diagnosis bradycardia. This machine can measure the electrical signals that control the heart rhythm. The EKG examination can determine how the body’s electrical impulses travel through the muscle of the heart when it rests and when it contracts.

    ECG technicians often work directly with a patient or as part of an emergency room team. You can find them in a cardiology hospital department, a surgery recovery room or in a nursing home. Nursing assistants often can advance their careers by taking ECG/EKG classes and obtaining ECG/EKG certification in order to work in emergency and telemetry departments.

    ECG technicians have specialized ECG/EKG training that provides the knowledge and skills to analyze a patient’s heart rhythms for detecting serious heart conditions. The ECG/EKG classes usually cover how to prepare the patient, operate the ECG/EKG device, placement of the electrical leads and analysis of ECG readings. Most hospital’s require students to obtain a ECG/EKG certification before they can be hired..
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    ECG machine

    Biometric monitors are used in measuring biological data. Depending on the purpose, there are different kinds of biometric monitors that can be used. In the case of an electrocardiogram (ECG) machine, it is a device made to measure the activities of the heart, working by recording electronic impulses sent out by the heart in between heartbeats. With a built-in screen or print outs, it provides medical personnel with the needed results.

    Kinds to choose from

    ECG biometric monitors also come in two kinds, ambulatory and interpretive. Ambulatory ECG monitors feature the Holter monitor, a small recorder that needs to be worn by the patient everyday. Using that, a graphic record of the heart’s electrical currents is made in order to detect abnormal activities that may be due to stress and emotional or sleep problems.

    Two models of the ambulatory ECG monitor are available: intermittent and continuous. Intermittent models are worn for weeks or months although recording only happens once in a while, while continuous models, as the name suggests, continuously monitors heart activity for two days. Interpretive ECG monitors, on the other hand, use charts in interpreting heart activities. Usually featuring an operation with a 12-lead rhythm, it can run automatically or be manually operated. Interpretive ECG monitors also commonly use interpretation software like pediatric analysis and pacemaker enhancements.

    How to choose

    Look for an upgradeable model which allows for long-term use while at the same time giving room to address changes that may be required. That way, you won’t have to keep changing units just to keep up with your needs. For accurate displays and print outs, look for one that comes with an alphanumeric keyboard. An ECG machine that features a large LCD screen also makes things easier for you since results are easier to read out.

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    A New Holter System

    A holter system happens to be indispensable machinery for the functioning of any health care facility out there. For those who don’t know what they are, holter systems are machines that are used to continuously record the rhythms of the human heart. A patient has to wear a holter monitor for almost 24 to 48 hours at a stretch for doctors to be able to get a clear picture of his or her heart’s current condition.

    These machines are not a replacement of the traditional ECG monitors but are still widely used by medical facilities across the country to keep an eye on the hearts of patients.

    Purchasing a holter system that perfectly suits the needs of your health care facility is not an easy job at all. There are quite a few technical specifications that you will need to consider before you make the choice of the machine you want to buy. As you can already understand, the costs involved in purchasing a holter system are going to be huge. Therefore you really do not want to end up making the wrong choice here.

    So, here are a few useful tips that will help you pick out the right holter system for use in your facility. Just keep these basic points in mind and you will surely make a wise purchase decision.

    • Your holter system should definitely include a time and heart rate display, pacemaker analysis, and a full disclosure of all the vital heart related statistics. This feature will help you in extracting all the necessary data from a patient, while he is undergoing the test.
    • Make sure that the system you are considering makes recordings at a very fast pace. This will ensure that the scan being made by your holter are as efficient as it is possible to be.
    • Also make sure that the holter you are considering reports total beats and a beat per hour irrespective of the type of beat it is measuring. It can be normal, ventricular, and even supraventricular. But the reports should be as comprehensive as possible.
    • You can also look for a holter system that comes with an electronic interface on the scanner. This will enable a recorder to receive and store all the data that is being transferred from the scanner. This allows for proper and efficient storage of all the information gathered.
    • There are also some other features that you should be looking for in holter systems so as to extract maximum utility from them. These include ST segment analysis capability, trend graphs for ST segment deviation, R.R. intervals, and even ventricular beats. This may seem to be quite a lot at first but you will understand the utility and wisdom behind asking for these features later on..

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    Know about ECG sensor

    An ECG sensor has a very heavy workload in modern medicine. Used all over the world, the ECG or electrocardiogram measures the electrical activity of the heart and can point the way towards a wide range of different issues with the main blood pump of the body.

    The heart beats in a regular rhythm to pump blood throughout the body. It does this by contracting one area of itself to force blood out while another area relaxes to let blood in. The rhythm is kept up by the natural pacemaker of the heart known as the sinoatrial node. This node sends out electrical impulses that keep the heart beating regularly.

    The electrical signals can be measured and tracked, allowing doctors to follow the rhythm of the heart and determine if there are any issues. In an ECG test, the electrical impulses made while the heart is beating are recorded and usually shown on a piece of paper. This is known as an electrocardiogram, and records any problems with the heart’s rhythm, and the process of heart beat through the heart, which may reveal underlying issues.

    An ECG sensor is what actually reads the electrical impulse being generated by the heart and allows that signal to be recorded and tracked. Usually ECG’s are done when people are having trouble breathing, chest pain, or feeling like their own heart beat is abnormal. One of the most common usages of an ECG is to look for evidence of coronary disease in the arteries. The one problem, however, is that for a number of patients the ECG recording at rest can be normal while it might be abnormal during exercise. Because of this, there are ways to do ECG’s while a patient is exercising.

    ECG’s can show a number of different things. They’ll show if a patient has had a heart attack, the impact heart medicines might be having on the heart, or if the heart has a slow or fast rhythm. The test can prove thickening of the heart muscle itself from chronic high blood pressure or even if there are too few minerals in the blood. ECG’s are non invasive, mostly comfortable (though some patients don’t enjoy the exercise part of the stress ECG’s) and easy to administer. All in all a very impressive result from such a common ECG sensor..
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    Portable ECG Recorder reduce the risk of heart disease

    An ECG or electrocardiogram is a test which is used in examining the heart disease. The ECG IS abbreviated from German EKG OR Elektrokardiogramm. These tests come in the structure of an incessant strip graph which keeps the record of the heart activity electrical.
    The human being heart generated the electricity was discovered in 19th century. Augustus Waller is the British physiologist who was the foremost man from St Mary’s hospital in LONDON (Paddington) which scientifically comes close to the heart from electrical ways. He was the first man to publish about the human electrocardiogram in the year 1887. It was recorded by way of a capillary electrometer by Thomas Goswell.
    IN 1893, the willem Einthoven of the Netherlands (leiden) discovered the term” electrocardiogram” in the Dutch Medical Association at the conference. The galvanometer was discovered by Einthoven in 1901 for creating electrocardiogram which is made of quartz string fine layered with silver. The waller capillary electrometer was not so responsive as compared to the new equipments. For the discovery Einthoven got the Nobel prizes in 1924.
    ECG is one of the mainly used tools for the cardiac electrophysiology. It gives the proper position and size of the heart chamber and also tells the rate and speed of the heartbeats. It will also tell u the damage position of the heart and the effects of medicine which is used to control the heart.
    To do ECG or electrocardiogram, the patients had to lie down flat on the bed then a very little amount of gel is applied on the skin so that the electrical indicate the heart easily. The 10 electrodes leads are attached in every point like neck, arms, and legs and over the heart. The ECG LEADS is attached with a small suction cup of Velcro straps. This test takes only 5 minutes and the result is on the graph paper. It is painless test.
    During the electrocardiogram tracing the patient should be relaxed and the patients should not shiver or in tension due to these the recording may change. There are many other factors which effect in the wrong ECG result like body temperature is low, dislocate the position of leads, in balance of blood like too much or so much low sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium.
    There are various advantages of the ECG test. It is safe, painless, inexpensive, noninvasive and simple to act upon. The ECG machines are easily available in the medical facilities..
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    Portable ECG Recorder for old man

    “Electrocardiography” abbreviated as ECG is not a new word in the medical world. ECG is the detection and amplification of the electrical activity of the heart. It is considered vital as it helps in the timely and early detection of any kind of heart conditions of patients, from severe heart attacks to subtle ones like cardiac dysrhythmia, and save precious lives. ECG is carried out with the help of the ECG equipment. The electrocardiogram equipment is one of the crucial medical equipments for any doctor and especially cardiologists. The ECG equipments and supplies can be purchased online at affordable price.

    The ECG unit is a diagnostic tool which measures and informs about the heart’s conditions in details. Besides monitoring the working conditions of the heart, it also helps in determining the traveling of the electrical impulses across the heart and aids in the identification of abnormalities in them. The use of this machine is even better when the patients show particular symptoms which include irregular heart beat, hard breathing or chest pains. A few decades ago this machine was restricted to hospitals only primarily because of its size and complexity in handling. But with rapid advancement in technology it has undergone drastic transformation and its size has been reduced to handheld portable devices which can be used by layman with perfect ease.

    The ECG equipments and supplies that you get on online medical stores come in diverse models with sophisticated features. They are equipped with LCD monitors and alphanumeric keyboard along with internal loudspeaker. They have auto analyzing and diagnostic software used for the purpose of interpretation, standard internal memory and upgraded recording paper. They are further enhanced with built in rechargeable lithium battery and thermal printer. You also get the standard accessories of these electrocardiogram equipments like ECG cables, suction and clamp electrodes, power cords, fuse and rechargeable lithium batteries.

    The online medical stores are the best places to purchase the ECG equipments and supplies as you can get them at discountable rates with complete kit including user manual, quick reference card and user guide for interpretation. To purchase these machines you just need to log on to the websites of the medical stores. These online stores have a list of the ECG equipments and keep all the essential information like features, descriptions, discounts, specifications, warranty, etc. All these information are presented in a very straightforward manner. Also through the online medical stores it is easy to search, find and order the products one is looking for..
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