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    Some Recommendations In Choosing A Heart Rate Monitor 

    We all know that exercise is good for health but most of us don’t have as much time as we would like to devote to working out, therefore getting the most out of each exercise session is essential.

    Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned athlete, using a heart rate monitor is an important way to measure and optimize your exercise; being able to stay in the optimal heart rate zone will ensure that you are exercising efficiently. By staying in this HR ‘sweet spot’, you can gain the maximum benefit in the shortest amount of time. It’s not just for the gym either! An HR monitor can be used for virtually any activity where you heart rate is increased such as walking, running, cycling, and more.

    So what should you look for when choosing a Heart Rate Monitor?Heart Rate Monitor

    There are two main types of HR monitors and they work slightly different. The first type is a Heart Rate chest strap. This is a fabric strap that goes around your chest with a sensor that maintains contact with the chest and continuously reads your heart rate. The data is then transmitted to a receiver unit on your wrist or in some cases, transmitted directly to your smartphone for recording and storage.

    By using the power of your smartphone you can obtain excellent performance and results for a modest investment. Using this phone + sensor approach gives you the best data acquisition and analyzing and also allows you to use the data across multiple apps with phone function integration such as music and location services.

    The second type is a wrist watch style that takes its reading directly from your wrist or from pressing your finger onto a sensor to take a reading. Although easier to put on, these type lack the accuracy of a chest strap style and in some cases require you to stop and take a reading, something that may be impractical or undesirable to do during exercise.

    There are a dizzying amount of HR choices out there but any one you select should have some basic and essential functions.

    Accuracy – The most important feature for optimizing heart rate zones and delivering usable data.

    Coded transmissions – Prevents interference from other units, especially useful at the gym.

    Target heart range settings – Customizable range setting profiles for different exercises gives you greater efficiency.

    Data acquisition and storage – The ability to track, record, and analyze data after your workout

    Continuous tracking – Better accuracy of your HR data.

    Ease of use – Simple, intuitive design, and comfortable during use.

    Typically more features mean more cost. However, by implementing smart phone apps in conjunction with an accurate sensor, full-features can now be obtained at a much lower cost. Many smartphone apps include all the functions of the most expensive sensors and many more such as GPS and route tracking.

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    Want To Know How Do Heart Rate Monitors Work? 

    Traditional heart rate monitors have a chest strap that picks up impulses from your heart and transmits them to the monitor, usually a watch in your wrist. The heart rate monitor watch processes the data received from the strap and displays it to you. Your heart beat is then read constantly and displayed.
    Heart Rate Monitors
    The main job of all heart rate monitors, strapless or otherwise is to measure the speed your heart is beating at. This is shown on the receiver which is usually a wrist watch. There are also more specialized monitors designed for triathletes and for cyclists which are designed to be multi-purpose fitting on a bike as well as on your wrist. This specialized type will have a set of unique functions such as wattage output, and pedaling cadence, useful functions if you ride a bike! These will usually cost more than a non specialist one and may require some accessories. Many monitors today come with an added attachment so that your HRM can be attached to your bike, but these do not have the specialized bike functions.

    Using your heart rate monitor

    To set up most monitors you’ll need to enter your age, weight and some other information so that the device can display statistics for your training session or workout. Most keep track of the length of the session, your max and min heart beat as well as the average and number of calories burned. They will monitor your ideal heart rate training range depending on what you’re trying to achieve and then beep if you fall outside of the target range. The target range minimum is usually 60% of your maximum heart beat and the maximum is 80% of your maximum heart beat. To find your maximum heart beat just subtract your age from 220 (which is the theoretical maximum heart rate). This is the calculation used in heart rate monitors and is the reason why you’ll need to enter your age.

    There are also some monitors that will can work out your V02 maximum (a measure of how fit you are), some have built in GPS and can calculate altitude and ascent which can be useful when you’re on the bike. All of the higher end heart rate monitors and a few of the entry level ones can download your workout data to your computer so allowing you record and monitor all of your workouts so that you can keep track of progress.

    How do I get the most from my heart rate monitor?

    No matter what level of fitness and what your goals and targets are monitoring your heart beat and keeping track of progress is invaluable. You can make sure you’re not over training or over doing it and seeing your progress is a great motivator. You don’t have to be a competitive athlete to get the most out of your HRM. Using the data will help you design your ideal training schedule, even if it’s just a brisk walk 3 or 4 times a week. By using the data you can develop a plan that incorporates your minimum and maximum heart rate zones setting up a schedule that varies in duration and intensity. This will help you get the most from each session and you’ll know what adjustments need to be made to the plan by looking at your heart rate data.

    Introducing the strapless heart rate monitor

    By far and away the biggest benefit of the strapless heart rate monitor is that it can measures your heart beat without using a chest strap. The vast majority of strapless heart rate monitors are worn on your wrist and they work by having one or two sensors on the watch. When you put your finger(s) on the sensors the watch reads your heart beat and displays it. There are also designs that have a ring sensor that fits around your finger, ones that strap to your upper arm and ones that can be held in the hand and used for walking, jogging and running.

    Depending on the style you choose the heart rate monitor may show your heart beat continuously while others can only monitor your heart beat when you use the touch sensor. These non-continuous styles are cheaper (about the same price as a regular digital watch) but you do have to use one or two fingers to take a reading.

    No longer are heart rate monitors just for the elite athletes and it doesn’t require a second mortgage to buy one. They are becoming main stream tools used by people from every walk of life to recover from surgery or a cardiac disease, get fitter and more in shape, or just to help motivate themselves to take a little more exercise and see how many calories they burn in a day. No matter what you need a heart rate monitor for, there’s a model with the functions to suit you at a price you can afford and you don’t have to wear a chest strap all day long.
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    Get A Portable Heart Rate Monitors For Fitness 

    Portable ECG Recorder
    An electrocardiogram (EKG or ECG) is a medical diagnostic device which graphically records the electrical activity of the muscles of the heart. It is used to identify normal and abnormal heartbeats. First invented in the early 1900s, the ECG or EKG (derived from the German electrokardiogramma) has become an important tool for diagnosis of abnormal heart rhythms.

    The function of the EKG machine depends on the ability of the heart to produce electrical signals. The pumping action of the heart is regulated by the pacemaker region, or sinoatrial node, located in the right atrium. An electrical impulse is created in this region by the diffusion of calcium ions, sodium ions, and potassium ions across the membranes of cells. The impulse created by the motion of these ions is first transferred to the atria, causing them to contract and push blood into the ventricles. After about 150 milliseconds, the impulse moves to the ventricles, causing them to contract and pump blood away from the heart. As the impulse moves away from the chambers of the heart, these sections relax.

    Using an EKG allows doctors to measure the relative voltage of these impulses at various positions in the heart. Electrocardiograms are possible because the body is a good conductor of electricity. When an electrical potential is generated in a section of the heart, an electrical current is conducted to the body surface in a specific area. Electrodes attached the body in these areas enable the measurement of these currents.

    ECG devices have evolved considerably in the last few decades,from being large and bulky to lightweight and portable.The current generation of device can measure the electrical activity of the heart in seconds and give a digital output,These device use “Artificial Intelligence Technology”to detect any abnormal heart beats.

    Unlike,the previous generation of ECG/EKG devices which required the help of well trained ECG/EKG professional to help in setting up of the device and measuring the ECG/EKG,the current generation of devices are portable and they require just the finger tips of the user to measure the electrical activity of the heart.

    One of the most important function of portable ECG/EKG Monitors is to diagnose Cardiac dysrhythmia also better known as arrhythmia.These are defined as a group of medical disorders which cause abnormal electrical activities in the heart.The heartbeats may vary from normal to either too fast or too slow,it may be regular or irregular.

    Some of these arrhythmias are medical emergencies as they can result in sudden death.They may also predispose the patient to life-threatening stroke or embolism.Early diagnoses of these medical conditions is the key to life long healthy life.Portable Heart Monitors like SmartOneECG can help in early diagnosis of abnormal Heart Rhythms.

    Portable Heart Monitors enable users to measure the electrical activities of their heartbeats at home.With a monitor such as this they are not required to visit a healthcare facility. They are also not required to pay the added expense of going to the physician’s office or hospital when they need an ECG diagnosis,these can be done at the comfort of their home.

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    Portable ECG Devices and Their Benefits 

    Cardiovascular disease is what occurs when something in the heart blood vessel or its electrical activity isn’t working right. These diseases can be manifested in various types including as abnormal rhythms. There are many different types of abnormal rhythms of the heart. Atrial fibrillation is one such disorder, it is found in about 2.2 million Americans. During atrial fibrillation, the heart’s two small upper chambers (the atria) quiver instead of beating effectively. Blood isn’t pumped completely out of them, so it may pool and clot. If a piece of a blood clot in the atria leaves the heart and becomes lodged in an artery in the brain, a stroke results. About 15 percent of strokes occur in people with atrial fibrillation.

    ECG/EKG -Electrocardiogram monitors are devices which help health professionals to monitor electrical activity of the heart and detect any heart disease at an early stage. It is useful in patients who have irregular heart beat or abnormal heart rhythm like atrial fibrillation. Once, a patient has been diagnosed with an abnormal heart rhythm, they need to be monitored periodically. One of the main reasons is to prevent complications like stroke which can be debilitating especially in older age group.

    One of the major disadvantages of these monitors was that any person who had to undergo these tests had to visit a hospital or a healthcare provider center to perform these tests. But, now with portability of devices; it is possible to perform these tests at home.

    The small handheld devices enable people with abnormal heart conditions, to perform measurements of their heart electrical activity using these portable ECG device, and then take the results to their health care provider for evaluation. These portable ECG monitors are equipped with batteries and a small LCD screen which shows the hearts electrical activity. These devices are now advanced by adding “intelligence” which enables them to provide with features such as user alarms as well as performing local processing to detect the type of abnormal heart rhythms.

    They could be connected to the individual persons through the leads like the conventional ECG device in hospitals, or through the person’s hand using finger tips. Unlike the conventional ECG recorders which require aid of trained technicians to connect the wires to your body, Portable ECG Device requires only the person who is using to connect. These devices can be used only as a screening tool mainly with patients having a family history of heart attacks or strokes or are being treated for a heart condition. It can only be used as a screening device in fitness center for monitoring of Rhythms or in hospitals for evaluation of drugs in large number of patients.

    It has some limitations in that, it cannot be used as a replacement tool for conventional large ECG machines used in Hospitals and also it can be used in patients who have pacemakers installed in them and during pregnancy. The analysis of the results needs to been done by a qualified health care professional.

    Despite these drawbacks, it is still quite a handy tool to be in one’s home especially in individuals with susceptibility to abnormal heart rhythms.

    At Heart Staple, its mission is to empower people like you to control heart health in wellness and illness through non-invasive technology using their Heart Health Initiative Program.

    Jenny Starling has been in the Media world since a decade, She currently focuses on health care issues. She freelances on Heart Health information..
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    How Can A Personal ECG Monitor Help You to Remain Healthy?

    Heart Diseases are the leading cause of death in western countries, when compared to other diseases. It is now gradually replacing infectious diseases in developing countries as the main cause of population getting hospitalized for treatment. Many of the uneducated sections of the populations, who cannot afford treatment in time, succumb to this deadly disease. Around 63.4 % of the heart disease deaths are classified under sudden death category. These are patients who die before reaching the nearest hospital.

    Numerous studies demonstrate that all patients with diagnosed heart disease and people with high risk of developing heart disease would benefit by early monitoring for rapid detection of abnormal heart events or for diagnosis of heart disease with heart muscle abnormalities which in many cases can be easily done using electrocardiographs (ECG/EKGs).Getting a ECG or EKG done at hospital or clinic can be difficult for many patients. Either there may be a long line in the emergency room, or the tests could be expensive. So what is the other option for these patients? Single Lead ECG (EKG) recorders are used in monitoring of different types of abnormal heart rhythms in patients suffering from heart diseases. These are useful medical devices in characterizing arrhythmias, monitoring anti-arrhythmic medicines and drug toxicity evaluation.They could also be used as a research based tool instead of standard 12 lead based ECG(EKG) recorders.

    Current ECG recording machines are expensive, are heavy devices with complex operational procedures and can be difficult to use especially at home care setting. The current generation of home based personal ecg machines can be used with ease. They can help in early detection of any abnormal heart rhythms and thereby, prevent damage caused by heart disease. The health care professionals including doctors and nurses can quickly diagnose any damage to the heart muscles and plan for rapid treatment. Personal EKG machines are now commonly used in many homes for early detection of heart disease. The small portable ECG machines can also be used at health care centers including sporting centers and fitness centers. These help to detect any heart disease in patients who are using exercising equipments.

    With the rapid growth of information technology in the last few years, there are many manufactures now manufacturing low cost personal ECG recorders. The main benefit or these Portable EKG Machines are that they could be used anytime, anywhere by patients with abnormal heart rhythms or even in healthy individuals when they are doing regular exercise or during sporting activities. Smart ONE ECG device and also devices like Instant check ECG monitoring machines, which are small and portable, are beneficial in early management of Heart disease. These are not a replacement device for standard 12 Lead EKG machines but screening machines useful in early detection of abnormal heart activities.

    If you need to stay healthy for yourself or if you want to monitor the heart condition of your loved ones, then the simple ecg monitors would be your first choice. With the rapid growth of Internet and ecommerce, it is easier now to buy a personal ecg machine at click of a button.
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    For All Your Biometric Needs – Getting to Know Biometric Monitors 

    Biometric monitors are used in measuring biological data. Depending on the purpose, there are different kinds of biometric monitors that can be used. In the case of an electrocardiogram (ECG) machine, it is a device made to measure the activities of the heart, working by recording electronic impulses sent out by the heart in between heartbeats. With a built-in screen or print outs, it provides medical personnel with the needed results.

    Kinds to choose from

    ECG biometric monitors also come in two kinds, ambulatory and interpretive. Ambulatory ECG monitors feature the Holter monitor, a small recorder that needs to be worn by the patient everyday. Using that, a graphic record of the heart’s electrical currents is made in order to detect abnormal activities that may be due to stress and emotional or sleep problems.

    Two models of the ambulatory ECG monitor are available: intermittent and continuous. Intermittent models are worn for weeks or months although recording only happens once in a while, while continuous models, as the name suggests, continuously monitors heart activity for two days. Interpretive ECG monitors, on the other hand, use charts in interpreting heart activities. Usually featuring an operation with a 12-lead rhythm, it can run automatically or be manually operated. Interpretive ECG monitors also commonly use interpretation software like pediatric analysis and pacemaker enhancements.

    How to choose

    Look for an upgradeable model which allows for long-term use while at the same time giving room to address changes that may be required. That way, you won’t have to keep changing units just to keep up with your needs. For accurate displays and print outs, look for one that comes with an alphanumeric keyboard. An ECG machine that features a large LCD screen also makes things easier for you since results are easier to read out.
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    What Is an ECG Analysis? 

    An ECG analysis is the information and data gathered from an electrocardiogram (ECG), which is a test to measure how well the heart is beating. Essentially, it is what the doctor learns from “reading” an ECG. ECGs work by reading the wave patterns created by heart rhythms. You may have seen these patterns before in medical shows on TV or movies with a medical theme or subject. ECG machines interpret some heart rhythm patterns as waves and some as spikes.

    Normal heart rhythm patterns will consist of evenly spaced waves and spikes, with no extra or missing patterns shown. Abnormal heart rhythms can have a number of variations. In the case of the spikes, there may be extra ones or a longer period of time between them. The wave patterns can be different in the height of the “crest” or, again, the space between the “cresting” of two or more waves.

    It is these spike and wave patterns that can help a doctor determine if there are any abnormalities in the heart rhythm. From there, the doctor can perform further tests to decide what is causing the abnormalities and how they can be treated.

    A doctor may make a brief ECG analysis at the time of initial treatment, and then a more thorough one later. This may be necessary because of the immediate seriousness of a patient’s condition. Abnormal heart rhythm is often one of the first symptoms of a heart attack, and time is of the essence when treating this condition. If a doctor can conclude from the brief study of the ECG that this may be the case, he can start treatment and adjust it if needed after a more thorough study has been done.
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    Employing Handheld ECG Monitor At Home – Three Common Reasons 

    There are a variety of handheld ECG monitor types, a.k.a. pocket ECG machines, available in the today’s marketplace. It is especially encouraging and empowering to the patient that many of them are designed for use by patients and their caregivers at home.

    We will present here three great reasons why using a hand held ECG monitor at home is an idea worth pursuing. They are – miniaturization of ECG monitors has made these devices highly portable and convenient for use just about anywhere, the ECG interpretation information is becoming inexpensively, and widely available, and, finally, the cost.

    Miniature portable ECG monitors

    Using ECG monitors at home is becoming easier due to the extremely small size of the device. The wires (electrodes) can be organized in a simple plastic belt, and the monitor device itself can be as small as the credit card, and as thin as 0.4 in. This makes a modern portable ECG easy to wear by anyone, and for extended periods of time. Also, due to a smartly organized all-in-one electrode wire design, the shorts are highly unlikely. Some manufacturers even introduced wireless connection between the electrodes and the main unit, reducing the amount of wires and increasing the comfort even further. Both the electrode part of the unit would have a wireless transceiver built in, and the main unit would feature a wireless transceiver as well. Then, the main unit can optionally be worn on the patient’s body, or it could even be removed and kept at a small distance.

    ECG test interpretation is becoming accessible

    There are several books and how-to guides available for purchase and with them, even a lay person can become an expert in reading ECG recorder printouts. That is not to say that an expert doctors opinion is still the best way to go, but, by being able to read your own ECG signals, you will be better prepared to know when to go ahead and call a doctor or show up in the emergency room. Good education just adds an additional layer of safety, if it is not overdone. Although many doctors would disagree by saying “a little knowledge is a dangerous thing”, as long as you are conscious enough of the limitations of your knowledge, and do not rely on your own opinion entirely, and are perfectly willing to call a doctor when you see or feel a problem, you should be okay. Some doctors will even be able to suggest treatment changes such as medication changes by checking the data from the ECG remotely.

    Finally, handheld ECG equipment cost vs. cost of hospital stay

    All but the most recent wireless portable ECG units have experienced the transition into the mainstream electronics, and consequently, the prices of handheld ECG monitors have begun to fall into the highly affordable territory. There are several US and Chinese manufacturers that are all designing and manufacturing highly reliable devices, at a good price. The price of handheld ECG monitors is especially appealing when compared to the cost of an overnight stay at the hospital to perform ECG measurements, or even compared to a single specialist visit.
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    High-voltage cable testing for ensuring safety and increasing the dependability 

    High-voltage cable testing, sometimes known as HiPot (High Potential), is a method of testing used to ensure adequate insulation in a myriad of applications ranging from electric motors and printed circuit boards to transformers and industrial cables.

    Users of this system may select dual-polarity DC and cable jacket or sheath output modes. Testing the insulation is vital in determining the safety of cables, reducing the chance of electrocution. Meggar testing equipment is therefore a valuable investment for any business in the power services industry.

    These testing devices maximize the dependability of motors, generators, and transformers by utilizing variable frequency (VLF) output, enabling technicians to locate weak cables. Locating problems in an electrical problem before it becomes out-of-control can minimize maintenance costs and extend the life of the equipment being tested. Like any system, an electrical system needs the TLC that HiPot testing affords.

    A HiPot tester generally consists of three parts: a high-voltage source, a switching matrix used to connect all points in a circuit, and an amp meter (that measures the current in a circuit). When the high-voltage is applied, an ideally insulated device leaks only a minimal amount of current, keeping the device safe. When there is a breakdown in the dielectric, a material very resistant to electric flow, however, a dangerous amount of current escapes through the insulating material and presents a potentially fatal situation for a service technician.

    This process is equally important in regulating quality control in the factory. When applied to brand-new cables, this test provides important information on how much voltage can be delivered without damaging the product and causing dielectric breakdown, as well as the resistance of the cable insulation.

    Ensuring safety and increasing the dependability and lifetime of electrical devices is vital to any power services company’s success. With the many benefits of using high-voltage cable testing and the need to ensure safety, many would argue that using a HiPot testing system is just as important as seeing their doctor for a check-up..

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