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Five Questions To Ask About Video Conferencing Interview

One of the top business houses of India recently had arranged Video Conferencing Interview for conducting employee hiring process. They had arranged a hiring program at their Poland wing. The Director of Asia Pacific was interviewing right from his India Offshore Operation through Video Conferencing Software . Two of the 10 candidates got selected on the board and they had given offer letter at the same time as the Director confirmed and signed as soon possible on the soft copy of offer letter by ipen.

So the picture is clear that the whole interview process can be simplified with one click. It is really hard to take up the interviews in different places and accumulate the applicants under a roof. It is important to know that how the technology helps us now.

Save Travel, Time & Money: Selecting top candidates from overseas, companies used to arrange campus interviews for fresher candidates and specific location interviews for experienced persons. Representative person has to travel a lot to process the selection purpose. Sometimes for further initiations candidates have to travel from one place to another. This all need long time to take a single decision. To choose the eligible candidate, company has to bear all the expense of the candidates which might be affected on company’s revenue. Video Conferencing is the best Technology which is value for the money AION RMT. Simultaneously it is cost effective and can save time and the travel exhaustion.

Connect From Anywhere: Instead of travelling for each interview, executive can do same appointment process from the office desk only candy floss machine. The participants of the interview can be located in anywhere of the world but Interviewer can interact with them from his desk. It is easy to choose the right person among all the candidates who resides in different corners of the world. Through Video Conferencing, hiring authorities can attend the same conference from different places at a time to judge the right candidate on the same time.

Document Sharing: At the same time candidate can share his necessary documents with his interviewer to prove his credential over internet. Organizers can share their HR policies and other important documents with candidate and hiring authorities at a time. By which we can shortened the hiring process.

Record The Interview: One of the impressive benefits of video conferencing is conference can be recorded for future use. Suppose, Interviewer take interview of a candidate and record it at the same time. He can show the recording conversations to the directors and Hr managers to judge the person if he is the best suit for their vacancy.

Easy to Judge the Right Candidate: Sometimes Interviewer can converse with the false person on telephonic interview as there is no facility of face to face conversation. Video Conference Software can arrange a face to face conference in front of a system screen. By which interviewer can judge the behavioral for the candidates whether it will match with the etiquette. Sometimes face to face conversation provides a personal touch which is very effective especially for the fresher candidates.

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