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The Importance of using Body Language to Attract Women

How to use your body language to attract woman?

Three men enter a bar (no this is not the start of a bad joke) one will get a phone number and the others won’t. Want to know the difference between these men? Why one will experience success and the others failure? It all comes down to body language, and using your body language to attract women. Experts tell us that anywhere from 80% – 90% of all communication is nonverbal. So what does that mean? It means that women, who are especially good at reading body language, use your body language to judge you. So body language is extremely important. Probably more important than most of us realize.

So let me tell you about these men Potato slicer. Man number one walks into the bar. Eyes turn, as they will and others notice him. Now he’s a shy, timid man and this shows. His head is down, his shoulders are slumped and pulled in. He enters, looks up quickly to find an empty table and then drops his head again. He walks, probably quickly to the table Kayak cart . If there are groups of people in his way he seems to almost slink and slide between them. In fact he seems to almost shrink to get past these people. In no way does he allow his space to invade someone else’s. Now he’s sitting at the table, he doesn’t make eye contact with the server, he barely looks up. Every person, but especially every woman in the bar has noticed this. What are they thinking? They are thinking he’s a capital ‘L’ loser. Sorry, guys but women do judge us and judge us harshly. She has completely dismissed him as a possible date or mate. Her attention is now elsewhere with only one other thought, “I really hope he doesn’t approach me.”

Now lets say this guy sees a woman he’s attracted to. Let’s say he even gets up the courage to approach her. So he stands up and starts to walk towards this woman. Again, his head is down, he walks quickly and when he reaches her he glances up for just a moment and then mumbles some kind of greeting. Now most women will be gentle with this guy. But he will be rejected. Why? Because his body language said “I’m weak, I’m timid, I’m a pushover, I’m not mate material.”

Now man number two. How’s he doing? Is he using his body language to attract women or repulse women? He enters, head held high, shoulders back and pauses to look around. He sees every woman as a possible conquest and if his eyes should meet a woman’s he doesn’t hold eye contact instead his eyes start to undress her. She feels this and looks away, uncomfortably. Other women are noticing this. He spots a table or in his case he’ll sit up at the bar. As he starts to walk or I should say strut he forces his space on others. If there are groups in his way, he pushes them aside. He’ll walk between two people talking and if it’s a man and a woman, he’ll likely try to brush his body against her’s as he struts past. His body language is telling women that he’s a bully. He’ll glare at men, challenge them to get in his way. He’ll undress women with his eyes. When he does approach a woman he dominates them. He’ll try to stand over them. He must keep women down. Women know this and just like the previous situation women want no part of this. In fact for a woman it is worse to be approached by this guy than the first. She’ll try every means possible to get away from this guy. But he’s already in her space. His hand is on her shoulder or back. She’s leaning away from him, she’s making excuses. This guys body language screams bully, it screams over compensating Kayak cart . Very quickly everyone woman in the place is telling other women to stay away. He’s trouble. Even the men are avoiding this guy, because they know he’s trouble. No, he is not using his body language to attract women.

Now for Man number three. This is the true Alpha. He walks in and pauses. His gaze sweeps the room. He notices everything. Where groups of people are gathered and where a woman is sitting alone. His head is high, but his chin is not jutting out. His shoulders are back, but comfortably so. As his gaze sweeps the room his eyes may make contact with someone else’s, male or female it doesn’t matter he will smile and move his gaze on. He doesn’t let it linger. There is confidence without challenge. He does not need to challenge anyone. As he walks, he walks slowly. He may chose a table or the bar. Either one is fine with him. He’ll take his time, making eye contact, smiling and moving on. He takes up space, but does not have to force his space on others. Simply because he has been noticed in a positive way, people will move out of his way as he walks through the bar. Not out of fear, but out of respect. His body language has already earned him respect and attraction. Now the women are noticing him and their attention is staying focused on him. He is confident without being arrogant. Once he’s chosen a woman to approach he’ll let her know, through body language that he is going to approach her so it’s no surprise to her. He has noticed everything about her and comments on things like her eye color or her dress. He sits with her, he does not need to tower over her in order to be noticed. He puts himself on her level as an equal to her. Now she’s interested and once interested he can now start moving into her space.

To use body language to attract a woman you must first be noticed in the right way. You start communicating with the woman the moment you enter the place. You do not dominate, but you are in control. You are confident. You’ve put yourself in a place of equal to her and now she is at ease with you. Now you can use your body language to turn the heat up. Move into her space, but do so very casually. If she makes a joke laugh and touch the back of her hand. If the two decide to move to a table he will let his hand rest lightly on her lower back, gently guiding her through the crowds and at the same time raising the heat of their encounter. He will now sit beside her, allowing his thigh to touch hers.

Notice how all of his actions are natural. They come from a place of self confidence and attraction to her. He uses his body language to attract women the moment he walks into the bar to the moment he walks out with her. Actually, he is so in tune with the power of body language and is such a natural that he uses body language in everything he does, not just to attract women.

Which man do you want to be? How to use body language to attract women can be learned and practiced and mastered.

If you want to know how it ended. Guy number one went home alone, guy number two got bounced from the bar and guy number three drove the lady home with her number in his phone and plans for the next day.

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