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    Buy pulse oximeter should be considered

    A pulse oximeter is a medical device specifically designed to measure the level of oxygen of the blood. It is a very simple device and saves you a lot of time in going to doctor to have this procedure done. What the pulse oximeter basically does is connect to one end of the finger and the hemoglobin saturation is measured and is compared to normal levels (which are usually between 95 to 100% saturation). When looking at pulse oximeters for sale, there are a few factors to consider.

    You should know that there are many types of oximeters and that you should select the one that is appropriate for you and fits your needs. These oximeters range from small to large, but the larger ones are used mainly in hospitals. The smaller, handheld oximeters and the portable fingertip pulse oximeters are ideal for use at home and even for sport and fitness applications.

    Oximeters also differ in prices and when looking at pulse oximeters for sale, you should determine how much you are willing to spend. Luckily, there are oximeters to fit just about anyone’s budget (not to mention the fact that there’s a good chance that your health insurance plan will cover the purchase). The price range for these oximeters vary across the board in terms of less than a hundred dollars up to a couple thousand dollars. You must keep in mind that the higher priced oximeters do not necessarily mean better quality. However, what you should be looking for is an oximeter which gives an accurate, saturation readings and pulse rates.

    Another factor to note is that if you are going to be using the pulse oximeter on your own and in the privacy of your home, you will need to make sure that the device is quite simple for you to use and understand. You should also ask for a demonstration from the seller of the device to clarify any questions which may arise when you reach home and are trying to use the pulse oximeter. If this isn’t available, some online sellers provide sufficient information through tutorials and videos.

    When you purchase your oximeter, be sure to find out the terms and conditions of returning and refund in the event of you not being satisfied with the product. Most manufacturers will be more than happy to exchange the oximeter you bought with one that better fits your requirements and personal likes.

    Based on the previous point, if you choose to purchase your pulse oximeter online, you should make sure that you do the necessary research. A trustworthy website will include testimonials from customers expressing their real views on using the oximeters. Some sites also offer discounts and better warranties than others. Be sure to buy from a company that has reliable customer service for helping you get started with your oximeter.

    When looking at available oximeters for sale, it’s highly recommended to use the internet to research the different types of finger oximeters. In a few minutes, you can find out the exact specifications and prices in just about every model on the market.

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    A Pulse Oximeter Used In An Abnormal Heart Rhythm

    Heart arrhythmia is a special condition that results in an abnormal heart rhythm. Many individuals not only in the U.S. but also around the world experience heart arrhythmia. The actual causes of this condition are quite varied however the effects of it can be life threatening. One of the most important things to do is to monitor the heart to make sure that that the heart is functioning at optimal levels. One such way is to utilize a pulse oximeter. A pulse oximeter is a medical device that is specifically manufactured to measure pulse rate as well as blood oxygen saturation with excellent accuracy. The interesting thing about an oximeter is that the device has gone through an incredible transformation since its beginning decades ago. In the past the old oximeter devices were very big and could not be easily taken from place to place. They were mainly used in locations like hospitals, clinics and even the U.S. military.

    Their function as a vital sign monitoring device is truly necessary in all health care facilities. However, the problem was that there weren’t any oximeter devices that could be used in the home setting. The oximeter devices that were in the hospitals tended to be very expensive and large. It was obvious that those devices were specially made for the more professional medical care settings rather than for home diagnostics. But now with the advent of new chip technology there is a brand new generation of pulse oximeter technology that has truly surpassed the previous technology. The new chips have allowed the device to decrease dramatically in size to be only a fraction of the size of the smallest cell phone on the market. The most important aspect of becoming this small is the fact that it can not be extremely portable.

    Individuals with heart arrhythmia need to monitor their health while they are on the go. As we all live very busy lives we need to monitor our health in order to stay at our absolute best health. Those with heart arrhythmia need to monitor their heart and the use of an oximeter is a perfect device for that. As the individuals are on the go they simply take out their oximeter, place their finger insde the oximeter and instantly they get a reading of their pulse rate as well as their blood oxygen saturation. The pulse rate can be measured by a pulse oximeter due to the fact that blood flow varies within the tissues of the body. As such, the differences in this blood flow is what determines the pulse rate that the oximeter is able to measure and present a beats per minute value. So no more need to have to be confined to home or the hospital in order to monitor your health. The with advent of a portable oximeter device you can go anywhere you please and be able to monitor your health with accuracy. Should you see any issue with your heartbeat then you can quickly contact your physician in order to get professional medical diagnosis.

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    The Importance Of Pulse Oximeter As A Medical Device

    Ambulatory care is one of the most important and critical aspects of the health care field. These men and women are truly a life saver when it comes to emergency health situations that require a quick response. Many lives are saved everyday by these individuals and their role continues to grown within the health care field. One of the most important devices that has been used by ambulatory care is a pulse oximeter. A pulse oximeter is a medical device that is used to measure the pulse rate, pulse strength, as well as the blood oxygen saturation or SpO2 of individuals. The reason why this device is so needed and used by ambulatory care individuals is that it provides portability. Portability is key to emergency response because they never know exactly where and how they need to response to emergency situations. So for example say that there is an emergency fire in a downtown building. Well, in order for these individuals to be able to reach the patient and save their live they need to have a device that will measure the pulse rate and oxygen levels of the victim in order to allow the professionals to treat the victim. Without a portable device they will never be able to get to the victim and to monitor their vital signs. A pulse oximeter is made specifically with this in mind and provides these health care professionals with the portability that they need and desire.

    The way that the oximeter device works is very interesting. By simply placing your finger inside the oximeter the device will give you an instant reading of your pulse rate and blood oxygen saturation. The way it does this is that when your finger is placed inside the device an infrared light passes through your finger. This light in now way is felt and does not in anyway harm the individual. It is a safe light that bounces off the hemoglobin in the blood and thus comes back to the device thus giving it with measurements to compute. The device then subsequently takes those measurements and outputs them onto the screen of the device from which the emergency medical personnel are able to read and determine what should be done to save the life of the individual. Previously, before the advent of this portable technology the victims had to be taken back to the ambulance where a pulse oximeter device was located. While there in the ambulance only was the emergency personnel able to measure and gauge the health of the victim. So in many ways the new portable pulse oximeter technology has saved many lives. They are also extremely durable and can be taken in almost all sorts of environments and weather conditions. Even newer generations of devices are in the works that offer wireless and Bluetooth capability that will allow emergency response personnel to monitor the health of individuals and this data is instantly sent back to the hospital so that the hospital can be well prepared for what actions need to be taken in order to save the life of a victim.

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    There Are Four Main Types Of Pulse Oximeter

    Pulse oximeter is a device that are used to measure amount of oxygen in the blood. It consists of a monitor in which oxygen levels is seen in percentage values. Red blood cells absorb the light which is measured by the other side of the probe. An average amount of several pulses must be detected in order for the oximeter to work. Low blood and a weak pulse leave the pulse oximeter to detect inaccurate results.

    There are four main types of pulse oximeter: bedside, wrist, hand held and finger type. Each type has several of models to choose from. A bedside oximeter is typically used in stationary medical facility and suited for non ambulatory patients such as those who are chronically ill. Wrist oximeter is those usually used by individuals involved in sports activities and is used for sleep monitoring.

    The handheld type can be seen in hospital. It is commonly used in doctor’s offices and emergency medical services because of its portability and affordability as compared to bedside units. It is similar to the fingertip device but it has a more versatile clip with a cord connecting to a computer. It is clipped onto a patient’s fingertip or earlobe and it uses light to measure blood’s hemoglobin. It is usually used in the cases where patient’s extremities are compromised and blood flow is impeded. In cases of extreme emergency, health professionals clip handheld oximeter at the patient’s toe.

    Fingertip oximeter is the most known and is widely used in medical institutions and even at homes. It is appealing to individuals since it is easy to operate, affordable and handy. It is clipped on the patient’s fingertips in which a light is emitted and measured from one side and another. The computer measures the light over several pulses and renders a value reading of the blood-oxygen level. However, pulse oximeter may not give an accurate reading if there is blood flow occlusion due to injury.

    There are still other kinds of oximeter. One type is the fetal pulse oximeter which is used to assess the oxygen level of a fetus and can also measure the baby’s heart beat. Probes are inserted into the birth canal and placed on the baby’s skull. The sensor shoots light across the probe and measures the hemoglobin level on the scalp.

    You can choose among these types of oximeter best suited to you. However, medical consultation with your health provider is essential to attain a correct interpretation of the results.

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    Some Questions About Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

    Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

    What is a fingertip pulse oximeter?
    How does a fingertip pulse oximeter work?
    What does a pulse oximeter measure?
    What does oxygen saturation level means?
    Reasons for measuring oxygen saturation level.
    Types of oximeter readings.

    What is a fingertip pulse oximeter?

    It is a device used for measuring blood oxygen saturation using electrical sensors placed on a fingertip.

    How does a fingertip pulse oximeter work?

    An oximeter uses two light-emitting diodes generating red and infrared lights to a translucent part of body like fingertip. Tissues and blood vessels within the fingertip normally absorb a constant amount of light over time. The ratio of light absorbed as the heart contracts and relaxes and blood volume increases and decreases is translated into an oxygen saturation measurement.

    What does a pulse oximeter measure?

    Pulse oximeter measures the oxygen saturation of haemoglobin in arterial blood described as SpO2. Most oximeters also display pulse rate and a pulse waveform/bar graph depicting the strength of the pulse

    What does oxygen saturation level means?

    Red blood cells contain haemoglobin. One molecule of haemoglobin can carry up to four molecules of oxygen after which it is described as “saturated” with oxygen. If all the binding sites on the haemoglobin molecule are carrying oxygen, the haemoglobin is said to have a saturation of 100%.

    Most of the haemoglobin in blood combines with oxygen as it passes through the lungs. A healthy individual with normal lungs breathing air will have an arterial oxygen saturation of 95% – 100%.

    Reasons for measuring oxygen saturation level.

    Human life can not be sustained without oxygen. All body organs require oxygen for metabolism but the brain and heart are particularly very sensitive to lack of oxygen and a serious shortage of oxygen ( Hypoxia) for a few minutes can be fatal.

    In a clinical setting pulse oximetry may be performed to assess the adequacy of oxygen levels (or oxygen saturation) in the blood in a variety of circumstances such as heart attack, congestive heart failure, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), anaemia, lung cancer, asthma, pneumonia, cystic fibrosis,emphysema, cystic fibrosis, occupational lung diseases like asbestosis, silicosis, farmer’s lung, There may be other reasons for your doctor to recommend pulse oximetry

    Types of oximeter readings.


    These compact finger tip devices can be used to obtain a single reading quickly usually in about 30 seconds and is easy to carry and increasing number of health care professionals carry this in their coat pocket.

    Continuous readings

    Some wrist worn type of oximeters with small finger tip probes allow for continuous reading and commonly used by athletes, joggers, in adventure sports, during mountain climbing and also in health care settings like sleep studies.

    Continuous Remote Monitoring

    Some oximeters commonly used in hospitals can be used for remote monitoring where readings can be transmitted through cable or bluetooth wireless connectivity to a remote display unit where readings for several patients are monitored in a central unit.

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