Test for Portable ECG Recorder 

Electrocardiogram, widely known as ECG or EKG (Elektrokardiogram in German/Dutch), is a common cardiac test which helps in detecting various cardiac abnormalities. This test is mainly done to test the electrical activity of the heart.

The electrical activity of the heart is represented by an electrocardiograph reproduced by a tool or software called ECG Simulator. There are different kinds of simulators with different number of leads (10 or 12) and types of patient cables. The compatibility of the leads and patient cables should always be checked with the diagnostic equipment.

A normal ECG records problems with the heart’s rhythm and the conduction of the heart beat. It helps discover different problems and also a patient’s response to the treatment.

ECG can be done when there are symptoms of chest pain (angina), difficulty in breathing, fainting and palpitations. It can show evident disease in coronary arteries and the effect of medications on it. It can also reveal a previous heart attack or the cause of slow or fast heart beat. It can also help to demonstrate thickening of a heart muscle and to know the mineral content in the blood. However, ECG is not an exhaustive test and it may not trace an underlying significant heart disease, hence other tests are needed. One can also read about it or watch the top medical videos online to gain more information about it.

Electrocardiogram ECG is a harmless test with no danger at all. This test is usually taken when patient is completely at rest. But sometimes the disease or thickening of coronary arteries is not detected and hence an exercise test is performed. The patient may get chest pain which would be resolved after the exercise is stopped. Exercise test should be done in supervision of the doctors and the ECG technicians. The test can be discontinued in case of major chest pain, drop in BP, changes on ECG or achievement of target heart rate.

An ECG is performed with 10 or 12 self adhesive electrodes (or cables) attached to arms, legs and chest on clean and shaved skin. The test is harmless and it does not even take a minute once the leads are in position. The doctor then gives suggestions after reviewing the paper print out of ECG.

As the ECG test is not the ultimate and it has to be supplemented with other tests, the options are radioisotope perfusion scan – which uses low dosage radioactive dye to show the areas having good and bad supply of blood or angiography – which is the X-ray examination, for determining illness and its cause.

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