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    Get A Portable Heart Rate Monitors For Fitness 

    Portable ECG Recorder
    An electrocardiogram (EKG or ECG) is a medical diagnostic device which graphically records the electrical activity of the muscles of the heart. It is used to identify normal and abnormal heartbeats. First invented in the early 1900s, the ECG or EKG (derived from the German electrokardiogramma) has become an important tool for diagnosis of abnormal heart rhythms.

    The function of the EKG machine depends on the ability of the heart to produce electrical signals. The pumping action of the heart is regulated by the pacemaker region, or sinoatrial node, located in the right atrium. An electrical impulse is created in this region by the diffusion of calcium ions, sodium ions, and potassium ions across the membranes of cells. The impulse created by the motion of these ions is first transferred to the atria, causing them to contract and push blood into the ventricles. After about 150 milliseconds, the impulse moves to the ventricles, causing them to contract and pump blood away from the heart. As the impulse moves away from the chambers of the heart, these sections relax.

    Using an EKG allows doctors to measure the relative voltage of these impulses at various positions in the heart. Electrocardiograms are possible because the body is a good conductor of electricity. When an electrical potential is generated in a section of the heart, an electrical current is conducted to the body surface in a specific area. Electrodes attached the body in these areas enable the measurement of these currents.

    ECG devices have evolved considerably in the last few decades,from being large and bulky to lightweight and portable.The current generation of device can measure the electrical activity of the heart in seconds and give a digital output,These device use “Artificial Intelligence Technology”to detect any abnormal heart beats.

    Unlike,the previous generation of ECG/EKG devices which required the help of well trained ECG/EKG professional to help in setting up of the device and measuring the ECG/EKG,the current generation of devices are portable and they require just the finger tips of the user to measure the electrical activity of the heart.

    One of the most important function of portable ECG/EKG Monitors is to diagnose Cardiac dysrhythmia also better known as arrhythmia.These are defined as a group of medical disorders which cause abnormal electrical activities in the heart.The heartbeats may vary from normal to either too fast or too slow,it may be regular or irregular.

    Some of these arrhythmias are medical emergencies as they can result in sudden death.They may also predispose the patient to life-threatening stroke or embolism.Early diagnoses of these medical conditions is the key to life long healthy life.Portable Heart Monitors like SmartOneECG can help in early diagnosis of abnormal Heart Rhythms.

    Portable Heart Monitors enable users to measure the electrical activities of their heartbeats at home.With a monitor such as this they are not required to visit a healthcare facility. They are also not required to pay the added expense of going to the physician’s office or hospital when they need an ECG diagnosis,these can be done at the comfort of their home.

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    Portable ECG Devices and Their Benefits 

    Cardiovascular disease is what occurs when something in the heart blood vessel or its electrical activity isn’t working right. These diseases can be manifested in various types including as abnormal rhythms. There are many different types of abnormal rhythms of the heart. Atrial fibrillation is one such disorder, it is found in about 2.2 million Americans. During atrial fibrillation, the heart’s two small upper chambers (the atria) quiver instead of beating effectively. Blood isn’t pumped completely out of them, so it may pool and clot. If a piece of a blood clot in the atria leaves the heart and becomes lodged in an artery in the brain, a stroke results. About 15 percent of strokes occur in people with atrial fibrillation.

    ECG/EKG -Electrocardiogram monitors are devices which help health professionals to monitor electrical activity of the heart and detect any heart disease at an early stage. It is useful in patients who have irregular heart beat or abnormal heart rhythm like atrial fibrillation. Once, a patient has been diagnosed with an abnormal heart rhythm, they need to be monitored periodically. One of the main reasons is to prevent complications like stroke which can be debilitating especially in older age group.

    One of the major disadvantages of these monitors was that any person who had to undergo these tests had to visit a hospital or a healthcare provider center to perform these tests. But, now with portability of devices; it is possible to perform these tests at home.

    The small handheld devices enable people with abnormal heart conditions, to perform measurements of their heart electrical activity using these portable ECG device, and then take the results to their health care provider for evaluation. These portable ECG monitors are equipped with batteries and a small LCD screen which shows the hearts electrical activity. These devices are now advanced by adding “intelligence” which enables them to provide with features such as user alarms as well as performing local processing to detect the type of abnormal heart rhythms.

    They could be connected to the individual persons through the leads like the conventional ECG device in hospitals, or through the person’s hand using finger tips. Unlike the conventional ECG recorders which require aid of trained technicians to connect the wires to your body, Portable ECG Device requires only the person who is using to connect. These devices can be used only as a screening tool mainly with patients having a family history of heart attacks or strokes or are being treated for a heart condition. It can only be used as a screening device in fitness center for monitoring of Rhythms or in hospitals for evaluation of drugs in large number of patients.

    It has some limitations in that, it cannot be used as a replacement tool for conventional large ECG machines used in Hospitals and also it can be used in patients who have pacemakers installed in them and during pregnancy. The analysis of the results needs to been done by a qualified health care professional.

    Despite these drawbacks, it is still quite a handy tool to be in one’s home especially in individuals with susceptibility to abnormal heart rhythms.

    At Heart Staple, its mission is to empower people like you to control heart health in wellness and illness through non-invasive technology using their Heart Health Initiative Program.

    Jenny Starling has been in the Media world since a decade, She currently focuses on health care issues. She freelances on Heart Health information..
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    How Can A Personal ECG Monitor Help You to Remain Healthy?

    Heart Diseases are the leading cause of death in western countries, when compared to other diseases. It is now gradually replacing infectious diseases in developing countries as the main cause of population getting hospitalized for treatment. Many of the uneducated sections of the populations, who cannot afford treatment in time, succumb to this deadly disease. Around 63.4 % of the heart disease deaths are classified under sudden death category. These are patients who die before reaching the nearest hospital.

    Numerous studies demonstrate that all patients with diagnosed heart disease and people with high risk of developing heart disease would benefit by early monitoring for rapid detection of abnormal heart events or for diagnosis of heart disease with heart muscle abnormalities which in many cases can be easily done using electrocardiographs (ECG/EKGs).Getting a ECG or EKG done at hospital or clinic can be difficult for many patients. Either there may be a long line in the emergency room, or the tests could be expensive. So what is the other option for these patients? Single Lead ECG (EKG) recorders are used in monitoring of different types of abnormal heart rhythms in patients suffering from heart diseases. These are useful medical devices in characterizing arrhythmias, monitoring anti-arrhythmic medicines and drug toxicity evaluation.They could also be used as a research based tool instead of standard 12 lead based ECG(EKG) recorders.

    Current ECG recording machines are expensive, are heavy devices with complex operational procedures and can be difficult to use especially at home care setting. The current generation of home based personal ecg machines can be used with ease. They can help in early detection of any abnormal heart rhythms and thereby, prevent damage caused by heart disease. The health care professionals including doctors and nurses can quickly diagnose any damage to the heart muscles and plan for rapid treatment. Personal EKG machines are now commonly used in many homes for early detection of heart disease. The small portable ECG machines can also be used at health care centers including sporting centers and fitness centers. These help to detect any heart disease in patients who are using exercising equipments.

    With the rapid growth of information technology in the last few years, there are many manufactures now manufacturing low cost personal ECG recorders. The main benefit or these Portable EKG Machines are that they could be used anytime, anywhere by patients with abnormal heart rhythms or even in healthy individuals when they are doing regular exercise or during sporting activities. Smart ONE ECG device and also devices like Instant check ECG monitoring machines, which are small and portable, are beneficial in early management of Heart disease. These are not a replacement device for standard 12 Lead EKG machines but screening machines useful in early detection of abnormal heart activities.

    If you need to stay healthy for yourself or if you want to monitor the heart condition of your loved ones, then the simple ecg monitors would be your first choice. With the rapid growth of Internet and ecommerce, it is easier now to buy a personal ecg machine at click of a button.
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    The Origin Of Portable ECG Recorder 

    Beginning in late 2012, hospitals are being penalized for Medicare patients requiring readmission within 30 days of treatment for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or chronic heart failure. Hospitals are changing their discharge procedures to achieve these goals but ultimately the patient is responsible for staying on track outside the hospital. Should the patient, you or your family member, return to the hospital within 30 days of discharge for previous treatment President Obama’s health care initiative significantly penalizes the hospital. If hospital’s instructions and patient’s course of treatment fail forcing the patient back to the hospital they may find themselves in “holding” to avoid being readmitted. During this period patients can receive some treatments and medications but this leaves you the patient on the hook for the bill.

    No doubt this is not the intention of the 2010 health care act but it is a reality of it. There are several hospital focus groups with expanded follow-ups for patients after discharge investigating the most effective way to keep patients on track outside of the hospital walls but these groups incur more costs to the hospital and in these days of reduced Medicare reimbursements don’t yet fit into the budget. To avoid being a statistic in the new policy, you can take some measures on your own to stabilize your chronic heart and lung conditions with the home use of a pulse oximeter.

    Pulse Oximeters are used to spot check COPD, CHF and asthma patients that are on supplemental oxygen at home. If oxygen saturation levels drop below a doctor recommended level the patient can administer oxygen to manage their situation. Avoiding low spikes allows the patient to live a more normal life without fear of having their condition get the best of them at the wrong time.

    Pulse Oximeters are used to measure oxygen levels in the blood. These electronic devices use light emitting diodes projecting light through an extremity like a finger. One LED is infra-red wavelength and the other is red wavelength. Oxygenated hemoglobin absorbs infra-red light while deoxygenated hemoglobin absorbs red light. Detectors opposite the LEDs measure the light not absorbed and using an algorithm then displays oxygen saturation level SpO2%. Tracking this percentage helps the user manage their condition and treatment at home.

    The most common pulse oximeter for home users are fingertip pulse oximeters. These devices are non-invasive and only about the size of a pack of gum. They are placed over your first finger so the LEDs emit through the fingernail. This is convenient and effective. Your heart rate and oxygen level are measured and displayed on an LED display. Typically the pulse oximeter is battery powered and operates with only the touch of one button. More advanced models are available with color displays but more importantly, memory. A pulse oximeter with memory allows the user to consistently track their levels over longer time periods and even while sleeping. These recorded sessions can be conveyed to the treating doctor in case updates to the treatment are required.

    Patients with CHF may have reasonable oxygen levels much of the time but using the data recording feature of a wrist pulse oximeter allows users to track their level over time to check for sporadic reduction of oxygen levels and heart rate. This can happen during the patient’s sleep. More advanced pulse oximeters have audible alarms that can be set for specified minimum oxygen levels and heart rate. A wrist pulse oximeter still uses a sensor on the fingertip but the display unit and memory are worn on the wrist exactly like a wrist watch. These models are typically best for use at night while sleeping.

    With inadequate blood flow during exercise or even resting, organs and tissue will not receive enough oxygen. Some pulse oximeters are capable of measuring and presenting perfusion index (PI) and can be used to assess a patient’s blood flow over time. This is an indication of the plethysmographic signal where the pulse oximeter is taking its measurements. The normal PI measurement for individuals is relative. One person’s acceptable value can be different than another. That is why consistent measurements over time at home are valuable and finding a quality, user friendly pulse oximeter that can provide accurate readings is important.

    Medical devices such as the pulse oximeter for home use are sufficiently accurate and easy to use. Monitoring your health and treatment for chronic illness at home can lead to a more consistent and enjoyable life. Fingertip pulse oximeters are affordable and effective for home use to help keep patients on track outside the hospital and keep them safe from being stuck in the readmission limbo.

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    quantum magnetic analyzer

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    Portable ECG Recorder 

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    Natural Coconut Water For Your Health 

    A new trend in the beverage world is fresh natural coconut water. No its not coconut oil and it has nothing to do with those crispy brown coconuts you can buy in the grocery store. This is about the inner liquid known as the endosperm inside fresh young green coconuts, and its an amazing beverage. It is becoming known as Nature’s hydration secret! In fact websites are popping up everywhere for fans of this cravable beverage including The Coconut Water Diet website: http://www.juicevn.com.

    So just what is coconut water? It is the liquid found inside a young green coconut. Scientifically known as the endosperm. Once a coconut matures, if not harvested, the liquid will be absorbed into the husk and form the ‘meat’ of a mature coconut.
    So just what does coconut water taste like? It tastes delicious! Pure, unflavored coconut water has a very mild, yet delicious and satisfying taste. Not too sweet, it is a perfect after sports workout beverage.

    Coconut water is also a healing beverage. It’s producers claim that coconut water aids in heart health, weight loss, dehydration, detox, stress, sports fatigue, digestive problems, skin problems and overall wellness. If you want to find more kinds of canned energy drinks, you must find it here. Have fun!

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