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    Correction Treatment With Eyes

    Laser Eye Correction Treatment

    Millions of Canadians are discovering more about laser vision correction procedures and deciding to undergo the treatment. The lure of freedom from contacts and glasses is just one of the many benefits people seek when choosing a laser eye surgery treatment. From Winnipeg to Vancouver to Halifax, consumers have options as to who will provide the surgical operation and what kind of treatment they should opt for.

    There’s much info on technical aspects of laser eye surgical treatments, but it’s the human part of these treatments that people aren’t too sure of so here’s a look at what you’ll be experiencing when you have your treatment and the nice results. There’s plenty of fear mongering out there but don’t believe it. You need a good Lasik surgeon and good communication before deciding what type of vision correction to undertake. If fear is holding you back, then just get more information and contact a Laser eye surgeon.

    Needing Better Vision

    Last year I decided to undergo eye laser vision correction and although I still need reading glasses to work on my laptop or read a magazine, the freedom to play sports without glasses feels great. Wearing glasses for sports and when travelling was an ongoing burden. I have no regrets about laser vision correction. I can see both distances and close up very well. Distance vision is astonishingly clear and the colors in the spring and summer make me really appreciate my new eyes.

    The downside is that for anything closer than 2 and a half feet, I must wear reading glasses to see clearly. That’s a small price to pay for feeling young again. When I travel or ride my mountain bike, I don’t have to suffer the small visual field within the prescription glasses. I see the whole complete visual field in front of me. When you play hockey, tennis, golf, track and field, and mountain biking like I do (yes, I am old, but I love sports), seeing everything in front of you uninterrupted makes a difference. Playing tennis in particular is much more fun without glasses. I wore glasses for 15 years and never liked them for one minute. What a relief when after getting the Lasik eye procedure done.

    While in Winnipeg, Manitoba I asked my nephew to read some printing on some signs that were about 200 feet away. I wanted to test to see whose eyesight was better. After reading several signs we discovered that my vision was just as good as his. Functionally, I have the eyes of a 17 year old! I can’t see that it’s helped my golf game though. At least I can see where my balls went into the bushes.
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    The Items Included About Complete Eye Examination Test

    A complete eye examination includes a test for visual acuity; tonometry, a painless test for glaucoma; and cataract check. The American Academy of Ophthalmology recommends a complete eye examination from puberty to age 40 only if eye discomfort or vision problems occur. After age 40 a glaucoma test and cataract (a clouding over the lens) check should be done every 2 to 3 years.

    Electrocardiograms (ECGs) are used to detect irregularities of the heart. Although there is some debate about its use as a routine screening procedure for asymptomatic (without symptoms) low-risk individuals, an ECG reading by age 35 provides a point for subsequent comparisons. Chest pain, hypertension, and symptoms of cardiovascular disease justify earlier ECGs. Stress tests use ECG to assess how the heart functions under the stress of exercise and are routine when symptoms are present.

    Chest x-ray examinations are valuable diagnostic tools for people with chest symptoms, respiratory diseases, and heart problems. For people without symptoms, their routine use is questionable. Several groups of experts, including those associated with the Food and Drug Administration, recommend discontinuation of chest x-ray examinations in most cases. However, if you go to a hospital or often your doctor’s office, you can anticipate a chest x-ray study more out of the need to comply with business policy than for diagnostic potential. Avoid a chest x-ray test if you may be pregnant.

    Prostate cancer tests detect prostate cancer, the most common cancer among men. Men 40 years of age and older should have an annual digital rectal examination. Combined with a blood test that looks for prostate specific antigens (PSA), the digital examination significantly improves the chances of detecting early signs of cancer. The blood test for PSA should be performed annually on men age 50 and 01der.

    An HIV test is recommended for people who think they may have been infected with the HIV virus. This includes people who have had unprotected sex or a blood transfusion, have used IV drugs, or have participated in high-risk behaviors. After the blood test, these people should avoid high-risk behavior for 6 months to a year and then retest.

    Immunization for Adults

    Many people believe that immunizations (administration of a preparation or vaccine, usually in the form of injections, for providing immunity or preventing a disease) are only for children. Consequently, many thousands of adults die every year of diseases they would not have acquired if they had received standard vaccines. For example, 20,000 people aged 65 and above die prematurely because they fail to get an annual flu shot. 24 Deaths from measles, rubella, mumps, tetanus, and diphtheria affect adults more than children-a complete reversal of 30 years ago. In addition, 40,000 people die each year from pneumococcal infections; influenza viruses kill 20,000 more. Of the 300,000 people who contract hepatitis E, 10,000 are admitted to a hospital and about 5000 die.

    Adult immunization is recommended to prevent or ameliorate influenza, pneumonia, hepatitis B measles, rubella (German measles), tetanus, and diphtheria.

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    Some Questions About Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

    Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

    What is a fingertip pulse oximeter?
    How does a fingertip pulse oximeter work?
    What does a pulse oximeter measure?
    What does oxygen saturation level means?
    Reasons for measuring oxygen saturation level.
    Types of oximeter readings.

    What is a fingertip pulse oximeter?

    It is a device used for measuring blood oxygen saturation using electrical sensors placed on a fingertip.

    How does a fingertip pulse oximeter work?

    An oximeter uses two light-emitting diodes generating red and infrared lights to a translucent part of body like fingertip. Tissues and blood vessels within the fingertip normally absorb a constant amount of light over time. The ratio of light absorbed as the heart contracts and relaxes and blood volume increases and decreases is translated into an oxygen saturation measurement.

    What does a pulse oximeter measure?

    Pulse oximeter measures the oxygen saturation of haemoglobin in arterial blood described as SpO2. Most oximeters also display pulse rate and a pulse waveform/bar graph depicting the strength of the pulse

    What does oxygen saturation level means?

    Red blood cells contain haemoglobin. One molecule of haemoglobin can carry up to four molecules of oxygen after which it is described as “saturated” with oxygen. If all the binding sites on the haemoglobin molecule are carrying oxygen, the haemoglobin is said to have a saturation of 100%.

    Most of the haemoglobin in blood combines with oxygen as it passes through the lungs. A healthy individual with normal lungs breathing air will have an arterial oxygen saturation of 95% – 100%.

    Reasons for measuring oxygen saturation level.

    Human life can not be sustained without oxygen. All body organs require oxygen for metabolism but the brain and heart are particularly very sensitive to lack of oxygen and a serious shortage of oxygen ( Hypoxia) for a few minutes can be fatal.

    In a clinical setting pulse oximetry may be performed to assess the adequacy of oxygen levels (or oxygen saturation) in the blood in a variety of circumstances such as heart attack, congestive heart failure, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), anaemia, lung cancer, asthma, pneumonia, cystic fibrosis,emphysema, cystic fibrosis, occupational lung diseases like asbestosis, silicosis, farmer’s lung, There may be other reasons for your doctor to recommend pulse oximetry

    Types of oximeter readings.


    These compact finger tip devices can be used to obtain a single reading quickly usually in about 30 seconds and is easy to carry and increasing number of health care professionals carry this in their coat pocket.

    Continuous readings

    Some wrist worn type of oximeters with small finger tip probes allow for continuous reading and commonly used by athletes, joggers, in adventure sports, during mountain climbing and also in health care settings like sleep studies.

    Continuous Remote Monitoring

    Some oximeters commonly used in hospitals can be used for remote monitoring where readings can be transmitted through cable or bluetooth wireless connectivity to a remote display unit where readings for several patients are monitored in a central unit.

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    There Are A Variety Of Advancements Made To The Cardiac Monitor

    The days of keeping a patient in the hospital for cardiac monitoring are over. Many patients cannot afford to spend the night in a hospital because the costs are too high. Additionally, most patients have no need to spend the night in a hospital since they are only having their heart monitored. With modern technology, it is possible for doctors to monitor cardiac activity while allowing patients to live their lives in a normal way.

    There are a variety of advancements made to the cardiac monitor that are highly beneficial to doctors and patients.

    Real-Time Activity

    The problem with old-fashioned cardiac monitoring was that the results had to be downloaded from a mobile machine. A patient would have to wear a monitor for 24 hours and then go into the doctor’s office for the results to be seen. Now, doctors can either schedule the results to be sent or patients can hit a button to send the results. All of the numbers can be seen in real-time, ensuring that cardiac monitoring is done properly.


    There is no need for patients to be strapped to the bed for cardiac monitoring anymore. While patients will still have wires on them and to the machine, nothing has to be plugged in. Many are able to wear a monitor and go to the grocery store and even work so they can proceed through the day as normal. New technology has provided batteries that last longer and are lighter so that patients can have a more productive day – and have their heart monitored outside of hospital walls.


    Mobility is a huge benefit as a result of modern technology. Computer chips have gotten smaller and new materials have been used in order to provide a mobile cardiac monitor. The primary benefit is that doctors can learn about a patient’s cardiac activity while they do day to day tasks. The secondary benefit is that the data can be sent over a wireless connection so that doctors have more mobility as well. There are many doctors that work in their own practice as well as in a hospital. If they have a patient in the hospital for cardiac monitoring, it would be impossible to spend time at their practice.

    Now with mobile monitors, doctors can essentially be in two places at once. With the other benefits to the mobile monitors, doctors can get alerted if there is a problem with a patient so they know what location they need to be in.


    Alerts can actually be sent to the doctor when cardiac monitoring shows something that could be troubling. This will ensure that a doctor can call the patient and find out what they are doing or order them to come into the hospital if there are unusual rhythms or a high/low pulse situation. Doctors are able to monitor more patients when they can receive alerts, making it possible for more patients to get a higher level of healthcare.

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    DIMETEK’s New ECG Monitor Connect With 3G Cellular Module

    DIMETEK Medical Systems, a leading global supplier of advanced remote monitoring solutions for tele-health and telecare, will showcase the world’s smallest and most accurate hand-held 12 Lead ECG monitor at the GSMA Mobile World Congress.

    The company will present the mini-sized monitor at WMC 2014, which will take place in Barcelona on February 24-27. The new ECG device will be presented together with DIMETEK’s other innovative telemedicine solutions at the Israeli Pavilion, Hall 5, Booth #5C81.

    DIMETEK will present the latest model of its HeartView ECG product line for the first time. The new HeartView? P12/8 Mobile is a 12-lead ECG event recorder/transmitter for personal use, which has an incorporated 3G cellular module enabling the seamless transmission of a patient’s recorded ECG to the call center or to the physician’s email.

    The HeartView P12/8 Mobile is a powerful ECG device with high-resolution 12-lead ECG recording technology which is specifically designed for easy patient use.

    The device enables the transmission of comprehensive ECG data from any place at any time. The recorded ECG transmitted to a call center that has the HRS (Heartline Receiving Station) software for immediate diagnosis.

    The HeartView devices allow:

    Diagnosis of cardiac symptoms
    Remote monitoring of chronic heart patients
    Recording and transmission of an ECG to a cardiac call center
    Cardiac analysis for clinical studies?

    “DIMETEK’s new ECG mobile solutions are geared towards improving patients’ quality of life by enabling remote monitoring of chronic heart patients,” said David Rubin, DIMETEK’s president and CEO. “MWC 2014 will allow us to showcase the most advanced ECG mobile solutions offered today.”

    Over the past 16 years, DIMETEK has achieved a leading position as a developer of telemedicine and telecare devices. DIMETEK’s medical devices are used on a daily basis, supporting millions of people in more than 20 countries.
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    How To Read The Symptoms Of Cardiac Arrhythmias From Ambulatory ECG

    The guidelines state that one of the primary and most widely accepted uses of ambulatory ECG is determining the association of a patient’s transient symptoms to cardiac arrhythmias. The crucial information needed is the recording of an ECG during the precise time that the symptom is occurring. The recommendations note that the yield of ambulatory ECG monitoring in syncope is relatively low. However, because of the severity of symptoms, such testing is usually warranted. The yield of ambulatory monitoring that captures an episode of palpitation is higher than the yield in patients with syncope. Ambulatory ECG monitoring may also be indicated in the evaluation of other symptoms that may be related to cardiac abnormalities, such as intermittent shortness of breath, unexplained chest pain, episodic fatigue or diaphoresis.

    The indications for ambulatory ECG monitoring for symptoms of arrhythmia are as follows:

    Class I—(1) Patients with unexplained syncope, near syncope or episodic dizziness without obvious cause. (2) Patients with unexplained recurrent palpitation.

    Class IIb—(1) Patients with episodic shortness of breath, chest pain or fatigue that is not otherwise explained. (2) Patients with neurologic events when transient atrial fibrillation or flutter is suspected. (3) Patients with symptoms such as syncope, near syncope, episodic dizziness or palpitation in whom a probable cause other than an arrhythmia has been identified but in whom symptoms persist despite treatment of this other cause.

    Class III—(1) Patients with symptoms such as syncope, near syncope, episodic dizziness or palpitation in whom other causes have been identified by history, physical examination or laboratory tests. (2) Patients with cerebrovascular accidents, without other evidence of arrhythmia.
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    Ambulatory ECG Monitoring Used On Implanted Cardiac Devices

    According to the recommendations, ambulatory ECG monitoring is useful in assessing the function of cardiac pacemakers and implantable cardioverter defibrillators and for guiding appropriate programming of such devices. Monitoring is also useful for correlating intermittent symptoms with the device activity and for establishing the appropriateness of cardioverter-defibrillator shock therapy during follow-up.

    The indications for ambulatory ECG monitoring to assess pacemaker and implantable cardioverter-defibrillator function are as follows:

    Class I- Evaluation of frequent symptoms of palpitation, syncope or near syncope to assess device function to exclude myopotential inhibition and pacemaker-mediated tachycardia and to assist in the programming of enhanced features such as rate responsivity and automatic mode switching. (2) Evaluation of suspected component failure or malfunction when device interrogation is not definitive in establishing a diagnosis. (3) To assess the response to adjunctive pharmacologic therapy in patients receiving frequent cardioverter-defibrillator therapy.

    Class IIb- Evaluation of immediate postoperative function after implantation of the device as an alternative or adjunct to continuous telemetric monitoring. (2) Evaluation of the rate of supraventricular arrhythmias in patients with implanted defibrillators.

    Class III- Assessment of device malfunction when device interrogation, ECG or other available data (e.g., chest radiograph) are sufficient to establish an underlying cause/diagnosis. (2) Routine follow-up in asymptomatic patients.

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    An Introduction To Latest Portable ECG Recorder Products

    DiCare m1CA is a portable resting ECG system for measurement, recording and assessment of ECG and related parameters. Electrocardiogram is routinely used in primary care and is seen as one of the most useful investigations in contemporary medicine. It is essential for the identification of disorders of the cardiac rhythm, extremely useful for the diagnosis of abnormalities of the heart (such as myocardial infarction) and a helpful clue in generalised disorders such as electrolyte disturbances.

    The Portable ECG Recorder DiCare m1CA from DIMETEK Technology was designed with a built-in 3.5″ color touch screen. Its interface is user friendly with wireless communication and durable power. The user, or patient, can either equip a four-lead EKG cable for long term monitoring, or use PHC (Personal Healthcare Mode) for the electrodes function. This is an ideal device for both hospital and homecare use.

    The DiCare m1CA is a portable ECG recorder and analyzer that was developed by MSI, featuring a flexible recording time including detailed Heart-Rate Variability (HRV) and Cardiac Arrhythmia Analyses. This is not meant to be a home device, targeting doctors as well as different medical departments including Cardiology, Anesthesiology, Psychiatry, Nephrology, and even Sleep Disorder Clinics and other health services. Shouldn’t be easy on the pockets, this.
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    How To Learn To See The Initial ECG Recorder? 

    ECG Recorder

    Heart is an important organ in the circulatory system . Since the heart constantly rhythmic contraction and relaxation in blood to the circulatory system of the latch stop flowing . Mechanical contraction of the heart before the first electricity generating excitement . Myocardial inflammatory minute current generated through the body tissue can be conducted to the surface, so that different parts have different surface potentials . If the two electrodes placed at the surface, respectively, coupled to the ECG lead wire ( i.e., precision current meter ) the ends of which are excited in accordance with the time sequence of heart , the potential difference between the two recorded surface , forming a continuous curve , which is ECG Recorder.

    Why is the analysis of ECG Recorder arrhythmia specificity, electrocardiogram are there?
    Under normal circumstances , the inherent frequency of sinus issued their excitement , a certain order and time of the next turn spread the atrium, the atrioventricular node , bundle , bundle branches , Pu wild fibers , ventricular , wherever consequential excited. If the arrhythmia appears certain aspects of the above process appears abnormal or ectopic rhythm other than sinus , etc. If at the time of ECG arrhythmia episodes , you can find it abnormal ECG changes . So you can say that for the diagnosis of cardiac arrhythmias , ECG Recorder is a clinically essential, rapid diagnostic methods .

    Portable ECG Recorder can be divided into ordinary ECG, Holter , His bundle electrogram , esophageal lead ECG , cardiac pacing ECG, orthogonal ECG. The most widely used is an ordinary 24-hour Holter ECG .

    How to learn to see the initial electrocardiogram ?
    ECG wave group is composed of a series , each node represents a group of every cardiac cycle. A wave group includes P wave , QRS wave group , T U waves spread . Look Portable ECG Recorder must first understand the meaning of each wave represents.
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    DIMETEK Digital Medical Technologies Ltd is a Sino-American corporation. The business covers design, development, manufacturing, and marketing of clinical and health care related electronic devices. Today, we talk about the portable ECG recorder.

    As long as people have a portable ECG recorder , you can keep it to yourself and those around friends and family to do ECG. After 3 minutes, ECG diagnostic report and recommendations on the doctor ‘s mobile phone text messages sent to your e-mail inbox and up . Check the seemingly impossible , and now, in southern Sichuan Lu Fuyuan first remote ECG monitoring center , has become a reality . Recently, the reporter on issues of public concern , interviewed the person in charge of the remote monitoring center .

    Remote ECG monitoring ” is through a simple operation , easy to carry ECG recorder , at any time you feel palpitations , chest tightness , a variety of uncomfortable symptoms such as chest pain occurs, recording about 32 seconds to measure their own time ECG, and then by telephone or cell phone , you can pass Lu Fuyuan electrocardiogram ECG monitoring center to provide timely diagnosis and recommendations by professional health care in cardiovascular medicine . way, users do not have to run around the hospital interrogation , more It is important to capture ECG timely onset of the disease .

    Remote ECG monitoring, suitable for a wide range of groups, including : monitoring of patients after cardiac surgical intervention ; cardiac pacemakers, defibrillators routine monitoring after installation ; real-time dynamic monitoring of patients with various cardiac arrhythmias ; common arrhythmia , such as atrial fibrillation patients treated with drugs during monitoring ; accompanied by a variety of arrhythmias outside the hospital routine monitoring of patients with other diseases ; routine monitoring outside the hospital , such as ischemic heart disease, coronary artery disease ; routine monitoring of patients after cardiac surgery ; paroxysmal vertigo , ECG information gathering symptoms of palpitations , chest tightness, chest pain onset of ; athletes, business leaders , and other special populations of white-collar heart health management ; daily monitoring sixty years old or older .

    Remote ECG monitoring system consists of two parts , one is the user’s hand portable ECG recorder , on the other hand is set in the monitoring center of Lu Fuyuan . Small portable ECG recorder , the public can carry abnormal symptoms or when needed , with both hands, stick electrodes recorder , you can self-test 32 seconds of ECG , ECG recorder automatically converted into acoustic signals ; then by telephone ( mobile phone , landline can) call center hotline :0830 -8,961,100 electrical transmission system according to the tone, the recorder into the microphone , transmit ECG voice number, the test is complete the transfer process . People have ECG recorder after phone call, remote ECG monitoring center will automatically revert to the ECG electrocardiogram voice number and make a diagnosis , within 3 minutes to send the message to the public phone diagnostic results , a detailed diagnostic report by e-mail will be sent to the public mailbox. People can easily and quickly learn their diagnosis can always call the hotline 0830-8961101 Expert Advisory own diagnostic situations .
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