What’s Kinds Of People Should Having An ECG Machine

What’s Kinds Of People Should Having An ECG Machine

An ECG machine, also known as an Electrocardiogram machine, is a diagnostic device used in patients with heart-related problems. Physicians usually order this test for patients who report anxiety, dizziness, weakness, difficulty in breathing, chest pain and shortness of breath, to name just a few.

What Can an ECG Machine Do?

This machine works by recording the electrical impulses emitted by the heart. This non-invasive diagnostic procedure can detect the following:

¡¤ Heartbeat rate and regularity

¡¤ Positioning and size of the cardiac chambers

¡¤ Diseased or damaged tissue, as well as structural abnormalities

¡¤ Pacemakers and surgical repairs, as well as the effects of certain drugs on the heart

One thing that this machine cannot measure is blood flow.

Parts of an ECG Machine

This machine is comprised of different structures. The biggest part is the circuitry box which houses the machine. It is linked to a number of electrodes, depending on the type of machine. These electrodes detect impulses, which are then recorded in pairs. Each pair is called a lead.

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