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  • Blade Micro Ambulatory ECG Recorder

    The DiCare m1C series is the leading personal heart care device allowing networked mobile cardiac monitoring and early warning. It provides comprehensive personal cardiac health care and early warning against cardiac risk for a safer and better life by effecti...

    portable ECG Monitor Micro Ambulatory ECG Recorder quick home-use monitor
  • Mono Micro Ambulatory ECG Recorder Dicare-m1C

    Users can use it to record, measure and monitor their ECG and heart rate by themselves anywhere, anytime and in any movements, so that can evaluate their heart functions promptly and continuously to reduce the risk of serious cardiac accidents.

  • iBUSS-P

    Provides comprehensive solutions for multi-step complex testings. Achieves all kinds of tests completely with a single fingertip. Users can create, edit, store, delete, upload, share, and download testing signals and testing solutions.

    signal source signal generator iBUSS for test
  • DATIII Digital Automatic Visual Acuity

    The major purpose of the vision test for low age children is to screen Amblyopia, since the earlier the more effective it is for Amblyopia treatment.

    Digital Automatic Visual Acuity visual screening quick visual inspection
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